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Public Houses, Hotels, Inns & Taverns of Manchester, Lancashire in 1911 - Hulme districts 1 - 30

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in South Manchester, Lancashire. The Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in South Manchester, Lancashire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Lancashire & Manchester pub history 1911 index

The 1911 census is very useful in researching pub history, but also massive. Every page added is linked to one address, and takes a considerable amount of time to research. The 1911 census also includes a summary of the census, it is a simple list of addresses, and the head of household; it is incredibly useful (sometimes) in that it often names the beer houses.

Here are a few entries for Manchester, listed by area and district. I should point out that these are summaries, and transcribed at a speed. If you want to query the results, it is best that you research the area yourself.

Hulme, South Manchester

Dis 1
25 & 27 George street, The Old House at Home, Graham
61 Wilmott street, Beverley Arms, Hall
66 & 68 Wilmott street, Nags Head, Hilditch
62 Wilmott street, Hen & Chickens, Robinson
12 Devonshire street, Shakespeare Inn, MacKenzie
39 Devonshire street, Transvaal Inn, Whitehead
54 Wilmott street, Scotch Thistle, Scott
22 & 24 Chester street, The Church Inn, Brown
6 Clarendon street, Rose & Crown, Stansfield

Dis 2
72 Stretford road, PH, Frank Filer - Dolphin
81 Medlock street, Bridgewater Arms, George Hy Lamb
51 Devonshire street, PH, Schedule Issued, Alice Street
32 Clarendon street, New Clarendon Inn, Ada Cameron
37 Clarendon street, Woodman Inn, James A Hartley
38 Devonshire street, PH, Schedule Issued, 116 Newcastle Street
36 Chester street, Bedale Arms, Albert G Deane
116 Newcastle Street, British Fleet, Thomas Hesketh

Dis 3
111 Duke street, Albion Hotel PH, Flinn
101 Duke street, Star Inn, Cory
81 Duke street, Jubilee Inn, Norcliffe
65 George street, Wheatsheaf, Leonard
61 George street, Cumberland Arms, Glynn
52 & 54 Chester street, Stag Inn, Gudgeon
104 & 106 Medlock street, Joiners Arms, Grimshaw
4 Caton street, Red Lion Inn, McCoy

Dis 4
20 George street, Beerhouse, Clarkson
3 Newcastle street, Beerhouse, Frost
49 City road, Beerhouse, Ingham
1 Medlock street, Beerhouse, Moss
34 Medlock street, Beerhouse, Goulder
80 River street, Beerhouse, Frost
53 River street, Beerhouse, Ashworth
44 Medlock street, PH, Swindells
66 Medlock street, PH, Doherty
87 River street, PH, Liverey - British Standard

Dis 5
94 George street, Beerhouse, Mrs Hough
67 Chester road, PH, Hall
47 Chester road, Beer retailer, Francis

Dis 6
60 Chester street, PH, Goodwin
72 Clarendon street, PH, Barker

Dis 7
84-88 Chester street, Beerhouse, Pullen
85 Clarendon street, PH, Cleary
78-80 Clarendon street, PH, Cocker
108-110 Leaf street, Beerhouse, Travis
58 Leaf street, Beerhouse, Shovelton
14 Dixon street, Beerhouse, Pettener

Dis 8
104 Clarendon street, PH, Whearsden
111 Great Jackson street, PH, F McDowell
95 George street, Beerhouse, Cunniff
113 George street, Beerhouse, Daley
38 & 40 Tomlinson street, J Counsell

Dis 9
8-10 Upper Wilmott street, Beerhouse, Ringland
9 Renshaw street, Beerhouse, Mrs Gilder
47 Stretford road, Beerhouse, Lyons
63 Stretford Road, Beerhouse, Graves - Mitre wine bar
2-4 Renshaw street, Beerhouse, Butler
31 Stretford Road, PH, Rose Tuck
3 Phillips street, Beerhouse, Hopwood

Dis 10
40 Upper Medlock street, Beerhouse, Stones - White Lion
20 Upper Medlock street, Beerhouse, Crone
12 Upper Medlock street, Beerhouse, Armstrong
16 Upper Duke street, Beerhouse, Turtle
3-5 Vine street, Beerhouse, Ripley

Dis 11
39 Upper Jackson street, Britannia Inn, Smethurst
14 Paylor street, PH, Sample
40 Vine street, Rob Roy Hotel, Mrs Bentley
77 Dale street, PH, McElroy

Dis 12
64 Vine street, PH, Hawcross
86-88 Vine street, PH, Cliffe
39-41 Council street, Beerhouse, Rollins
55 Jinction street, PH, Elmore

Dis 13
49 Warde street, Brighton Hotel PH, Osborne
121 Warde street, Naval Arms, Haughton
45 Dunham street, PH, Ashton
54 Vine street, PH, Holland
33 & 35 Vine street, & 59 Thomas street, PH, Allen
55 Vine street, Blue Post, Taylor
81 Vine street, Greenheys Hotel PH, Walton
44 & 46 Upper Duke street, Blue Bell, Roberts

Dis 14
65 Upper Duke street, Beerhouse, Carlisle
42 Upper Medlock street, PH, Richards
80 Upper Medlock street, Beerhouse, Burgess
82 Upper Medlock street, Beerhouse, Hersiman

Dis 15
33 Rosamond street, Clarence Inn, Britton
1-3 Rosamond street, Crown Vaults, Gedman
89 Renshaw street, Crown Hotel PH, Miss Reid
65 Renshaw street, York Hotel PH, Jackson
63 Renshaw street, Melbourne Inn, Fallows

Dis 16
4 Dorset street, Beerhouse, Timothy Gresty

Dis 17
52 Bristol street, Bristol Inn, Garton

Dis 18
87 Warwick street, Reindeer Hotel, Ann Bonfield
129 Emden street, Beer retailer, Thomas Jones

Dis 19
180 Radnor street, Off Licence, Birkbeck
195 Radnor street, Shop & Off Licence, Young
169 Embden street, PH, Mrs Moore
139 Embden street, Raglan Hotel, Miss Henry
24 Fenwick street, PH, Mrs Mungles
18 Pinder street, PH, Sutclliffe
27 Pinder street, PH, Gardner

Dis 20
82 Haston street, Shop & Off Licence, Bagshaw
62 Halston street, Crown Inn & Bar, Beadley
120 & 122 Radnor street, Bar & Hotel, Marchant

Dis 21
17 Lever street, Prince of Wales Hotel, Nixon
85 Derby street, The Derby, Arnott
114 Upper Moss lane, Marlborough Hotel, Lythgoe

Dis 22
71 Dalton street, Coach & Horses, H J Marsh
49 Dalton street, The Bee Hive, D Evans
[70] Preston street, The Ivy Bower, R Clegg
113 Tamworth street, The Pleasant Inn, J Wellington
114 & 116 Tamworth street, Cricketers Inn, F Barnes
Clayton street, The Tamworth Hotel PH, Blackhurst

Dis 23
5 Denton street, PH, Sarah Ann Pollitt
69 Bangor street, PH, George Bowen

Dis 24
65 Tamworth street, PH, Wm Hy Yates
25 Chorlton road, PH, Frank H Crapper
7 Hancock street, PH, John Waterworth
26 Bangor street, PH, Martha A Drabble

Dis 25
381 Stretford road, Talbot Inn, Elizth Jones
379 Stretford road, Platford Hotel, William Simpson
377 Stretford road, Old Trafford Inn, Jane Naylor
22 Tamworth street, PH, Robert Ashcroft
86 Erskine street, Albert Inn, T Morgan

Dis 26
9-11 Upper Moss lane, PH, Bridge
35-37 Upper Moss lane, Beerhouse, Boyd
195 Warde street, PH, Derbyshire
60 Preston street, PH, Firth
69-71 Radnor street, PH, Grimshaw
26 Radnor street, PH, Rishworth
20 Radnor street, PH, Warham

Dis 27
49 Carlisle street, Star Inn, Holmes
185 Warde street, Nottingham Arms, Vine
106-108 Clopton street, Town Hall Inn, Barnett
110-112 Clopton street, Manley Arms, Barlow
142 Clopton street, Olive Branch, Speed
46-48 Preston street, Bee Hive, G Fielder
202 Warde street, PH, McGinn
5 Walnut street, Walnut Inn, Lloyd

Dis 28
26-28 Trafford street, PH, Uninhabited
13 Trafford street, PH, Ackroyd
7 Trafford street, PH, Wardle
245 Stretford road, PH, Reardon - White Horse
141 Warde street, PH, Mager
16 Upper Jackson street, PH, Bansch
10 Preston street, Waterloo Hotel, Briffitt
139 Clopton street, PH, Burgoyne

Dis 29
23 Maple street, Beerhouse, Brunvee
412 Stretford road, Beerhouse, Curtis
36 Erskine street, Beerhouse, Richardson
339-341 City road, Beerhouse, Perry

Dis 30
240 City road, Beerhouse, Ed Wm Challis
286-288 City road, Beerhouse, Fredk Rd Mays
322-324 City road, Beerhouse, James Sheeran
327 City road, Beerhouse, Chas Thomas Derbyshire
289 City road, Beerhouse, John Roland Evans

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