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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas of the UK

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas the UK

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Lincoln Traders in 1855 C - F

    Lincoln, Lincolnshire pub history index

    Directory of Pubs in the UK historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Lincolnshire. The Lincolnshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

    Post Office Directory of all traders in Lincoln in 1855

    Cahorn William, cooper, Jacksons court, Waterside north
    Calder Elizabeth (Miss), grocer, 30 Silver street
    Cammack Robert, surgeon, St. Swithins, Market place
    Capps Matilda (Mrs.), chandlers shop, & lodging house, 39 Waterside south
    Cargill Charles, Flying Horse, 247 High street
    Cargill Robert, confectioner, 226 High street
    Carlill William, shopkeeper, 14 Strait
    Carline Richard, solicitor, 37 Silver street
    Carratt Robert, beer retailer, 1 Burton road
    Carratt Thomas, town scavenger, 2 Langworth gate
    Carrington Benjamin, upholsterer, 20 Strait
    Carrott Henry, horse breaker, 59 Bailgate
    Carrott Robert, blacksmith, Albert place, High street
    Carter Edward, butcher, 89 Bailgate
    Carter George, lodging house, 19 Monson street
    Carter Maria (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 2 Butchery street
    Cartwright Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 14 Steep hill
    Caswell William, boot & shoe warehouse, 279 High street
    Catley John, grocer, 37 Bailgate
    Catley Thomas Newmargh, shopkeeper, Steep hill
    Caunt Edward, lastmaker, Rising Sun yard
    Caunt Mary (Miss), day school, 397 High street
    Challans Charles, baker & miller, 64 Newport
    Chaloner William, tailor, draper & hatter, Guildhall street
    Chambers Henry Thomas, solicitor, Silver street
    Chambers Jonathan, bricklayer. West bight
    Chapman Richard, basket maker, Swanpool court & Waterside north
    Chapman Samuel Palmer, grocer, 31 Waterside south
    Chapman William, clock & watch maker, 135 High street
    Charlesworth Jonathan, wireworker, 8 Motherby lane
    Charlton Robert, pianoforte tuner & composer of sacred songs, 74 Bailgate, Lincoln; & 47 Maskell street, Rusholme roud, Manchester
    Cbawner Darwin, physician, 9 Minster yard
    Cheetham John, fishmonger, Monson street
    Chester Richard, gun & pistol maker, 23 Broadgate & 14 Rosemary lane
    Child Benjamin, hoot & shoe maker, 30 High street
    Clapham John, shoemaker, Waterside north
    Clapham William, grocer & mariner, 12 Waterside south
    Clark David, baker & grocer, 24 Far Newland
    Clark James, verger to the Cathedral, Close Minster yard
    Clark Susanna (Mrs.), Bulls Head, Silver street
    Clarke & Richardson, fellmongers & leather dressers, High street
    Clarke & Theaker, corn & coal merchants, Brayford head
    Clarke Edward, white & jobbing smith, Broadgate
    Clarke John, blacksmith, 5 Newport
    Clarke Rebecca (Mrs.), mistress of Victoria school. 77 High street
    Clarke Robert, chemist & druggist, 5 Gas street
    Clarke Thomas, tailor, Newland
    Clarke William, wool dealer, Canwick road
    Clarkson William, Birmingham & Sheffield & rag warehouse, 9 & 10 Waterside south
    Clay William, grocer. 28 Newland street
    Clayton, Shuttleworth & Co. general engineers, iron & brass founders,agricultural machinist, Stamp end ironworks; & 6 Fitzroy terrace, New road, London
    Close Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner, & eating house, 17 Butchery street
    Close Henry Stanley, bricklayer, Beaumont fee
    Close Thomas, bricklayer, Motherby lane
    Cockrill Thomas, china, glass & earthenware dealer, 7 & 8 Waterside south
    Codd John Hollon, butcher, Waterside north
    Codd Joseph, beer retailer, 22 Burton roud
    Codd William, Black Swan, High street
    Cohen Daniel, Sheffield & birmingham warehouse, 2 Silver street
    Colbeck Matthew, hairdresser, 120 High street
    Collingbam T. general draper, silk mercer etc. 228 High street
    Colton Thomas, sawmaker, Swanpool court
    Conlon David, Three Magpies, brewer & maltster, Water side north
    Connington John Veasey, commercial clerk, Stamp end, Waterside north
    Cooling Edward, carpenter & builder, 30 Melville street
    Cooper George, Shakespeare, 34 High street
    Cooper Mary (Mrs.), cowkeeper, 14 High street
    Cooper Samuel, ironmonger, grocer &c. 102 High street
    Cooper Thomas, horse dealer, Newland street
    Cooper William, market gardener, Bunyan row
    Cooper William, teadealer, 25 Monson street
    Cooper William, Leopard, 44 Sleep hill
    Corthorn John, watchmaker, 166 High street
    Costello Michael, chandlers shop, 89 High street
    Cottam George, miller, Cold Bath mill
    Cottam John, shopkeeper, 51 Newport
    Cotingham William, chemist & druggist, & agent to National Marine & Investment association, 256 High street
    Couldwell Charles, tailor, & chandlers shop, 35 High street
    Coulson Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 30 Park lane
    Coulson George Norton, butcher, 188 High street
    Cousans Edward R. bookseller, printer, stationer, book-binder,dealer in patent medicines,paper hangings etc. agent to Colonial life, London Assurance fire & life, & Promoter life offices, printer, publisher & proprietor of Lincolnshire Times, 202 High street
    Cox Charles, wood turner, 15 Saltergate
    Cox Richard, grocer, 45 Newport
    Cox William, chairmaker & furniture broker, 12 Broadgate
    Cranford Joseph Walker, grocer, 6 Butchery street
    Croft Moses, poulterer, Cornhill & 3 St. Mary Btreet
    Crooks Aaron, butcher, 95 High street
    Cropper George, inspector of weights & measures, Fish market, Saltergate
    Crowther Rev. Francis R. academy, Newport
    Cullen Ann, baker, 21 Bailgate
    Cullen Jane (Miss), straw bonnet maker, 37 Steep hill
    Cullen John, shoemaker, Norman street
    Cummings George, butcher, 22 Newport
    Cupit Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Burton road
    Cupitt Thomas, beer retailer, 50 Newland
    Curtis Ann (Mrs.), laundress & lodging house, 131 High street
    Curtis Charles, butcher, 13 Guildhall street
    Curtis John, baker, corndealer & meatman, 261 High street
    Curtis John, sen. butcher, 171 High Btreet
    Curtis John, jun. butcher, 45 High street
    Curtis Mary (Mrs.), Ivy tavern, 27 Newport
    Curtis Thomas, coach builder, Canwick road
    Curtis William, upholsterer & cabinet maker, 327 High street
    Curtoia George Kobert, cooper, Waterside north
    Cushing Thomas, stationer & toy warehouse, 170 High street

    Dale Thurston George, solicitor & commissioner for taking acknowledgments of married women, Saltergate
    Darcer John, carpenter, 19 Melville street
    Dawber William & Robert, brewers, Depot brewery; office, 15 Guildhall street
    Dauber Robert jun. merchant, wharfinger & water carrier, Brayford wharf
    Dawber William, cornfactor & maltster, Brayford wharf
    Dawes William, rope & twine manufacturer, 322 High street
    Dawson Vincent, wheelwright, Old Crown yard, Sincil street
    Day William, White Horse, Hungate
    Derisley Henry, Brown Cow, 27 Broadgate
    Dickerson James, linendraper, 9 Bailgate
    Dixon John Stantield, maltster, hop & coal merchant, 76 High street
    Dixon Joseph, shopkeeper, 25 Rasin lane
    Dixon Joseph, tailor, 9 Steep hill
    Dobson William, farmer & carter, 417 High street
    Doncaster William, bookseller, printer & stationer, paper hanging & patent medicine dealer, & agent to Nottingham & Derby fire & life, 45 Silver street
    Donley Ference, licensed hawiter, & chandlers shop, 4 Waterside south
    Doughty George & Son, rope & twine makers, 45 Bailgate & 201 High street
    Doughty (J. G.) & Son, bone, cake & seed merchants, 201 High street
    Doughty Henry, black & shoeing smith, 161 High street
    Doughty Joseph, cabinet maker, 24 Melville street
    Doughty Thomas, wood turner, 17 Melville street
    Drakes Thomas, Shop, 61 Newland
    Draper George, boot & shoe maker, 22 Strait
    Drury Michael, architect & surveyor, 1 Bank street
    Drury Robert, boys boarding school. St. Swlthlns, Market place
    Drury Wold Lupton, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, & agent to Birkbeck life assurance & National live stock insurance companies, High bridge, south side
    Dickering Richard, iron & brass caster, 52 Waterside south
    Dudding & Danby, solicitors, clerk of sewers, clerk of the Union, superintendent registrar of births, marriages & deaths, secretary & sab-treasurer of the County hospital, hon. secretary to Lincoln dispensary & Lincolnshire law society, clerk to Wragby turnpike trust & to the Dunham bridge co. commissioner for taking acknowledgments of married women &c. 2 Bank street
    Durance Joseph, stonemason, Newland

    East Jane (Miss), mistress of St. Switbins infant schools, Freescbool lane
    East Jane (Miss), Religious Tract society & British & Foreign Bible society depot, 20 Silver street
    East John, oil & cake mills, Waterside south
    East John Johnson, flour mills, Salthouse lane
    East Thomas, commercial clerk, St. Swithin, Market place
    Ede Charles Joseph, writing master of the English school at Lincoln Grammar school, St. Swithin, Market place
    Edmans Mrs. ladies school, 14 Park
    Edwards H. chemist & druggist, & agent to Minerva life office, 186 High street
    Edwards William, Queen inn, 323 High street
    Elmhirst Richard, physician, 5 Minster yard
    Elsom John, auctioneer, & boot & shoe maker, 61 Newport
    Elston George, wheelwright, Newland
    Elston Thomas, Duke William 41 Bailgate
    Elston Thomas, bricklayer, Slacks yard, Waterside south
    Elvin & Robinson, blacksmiths & farriers, 22 Park lane
    Emerson William, butcher, 49 Newland
    Esam John, miller, 14 Rasin lane
    Esam John, shopkeeper, 27 Strait
    Evans Edward. heraldic engraver & seal cutter, 3 Melville street
    Evens John, farmer, Newport
    Evison Edward, tailor, 347 High street & 10 St. Marks place

    Fambrini Joseph, plaster manufacturer, figure & medallion modeller, & Victoria hotel, Pelham street
    Fern James, fishmonger, 260 High street
    Field Uppleby, clerk county court office, Silver street
    Field William, staymaker, 6 Strait
    Fieldsend John, shoemaker, 32 Sincil street
    Fieldson William. common brewer, Stamp end, Waterside north
    Fish William, shoemaker, 2 Newport
    Fish William Robert, glass & china warehouse, 48 Silver street
    Fisher William, Durham Ox, Oxford street
    Flear William, tailor, 11 Oxford street
    Fletcher Edward, Lord Nelson, 1 Waterside north
    Fletcher Eleanor (Mrs ), grocer, 45 Steep hill
    Fletcher L. (Mrs.), hosier etc. 3 New market
    Flint & Son, brnshmakers, 6 Waterside north
    Footitt Gervas, pork butcher, 16 Strait
    Footitt William, beer retailer, 1 Gas street
    Ford & Bayne, soda water, lemonade & ginger beer makers, Tborngate
    Foster David, corn & coal merchant, 1 Norman place
    Foster John, builder, brick & tile maker & lime burner, 29 High street
    Foster Miles, artist, 6 Melville street
    Foster Thomas, butcher, 32 Hungate
    Foster Thomas, general draper, mercer, hosier etc. 326 High street
    Foster William, miller, maltster, corn & coal merchant, Waterside north
    Fotherby George, chandlers shop, 348 High street
    Fothrrby William, builder, 9 Melville street
    Fox Charles, grocer, 9 Melville street
    Fox Charles, joiner, Melville street
    Fox Charlotte (Miss), grocer, 10 Strait
    Fox Harriet (Miss), shopkeeper, 2 Rasin lane
    Fox John, farmer, Lincoln fields
    Fox Sarah (Mrs.), dressmaker, 7 Norman place
    Fox Thomas, butcher, 284 High street
    Fox William, joiner & carpenter, Bangor cottage, Waterside south
    Foyster John, agent to Alliance fire & life office, Beaumont fee
    Frankish George, tailor, 4 Akrills passage, High street
    Franks Richard, miller, 39 Rasin lane
    Freeman William Hodges, cabinet maker, 80 Bailgate
    Freer Henry, lodging house, 32 Park
    Freshney Stephen, White Hart, 91 Bailgate
    Freshney William, correspondent for the district to the Stamford Mercury, 1 Oxford street

    **** Provided By Kevan

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