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Lincoln Traders in 1855 G - J

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Directory of Pubs in the UK historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Lincolnshire. The Lincolnshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Post Office Directory of all traders in Lincoln in 1855

Gadd & Shaw, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 5 Silver street
Gadsby George, grocer, 38 Sincil street
Gadshy Gervaise, brickmaker, Stamp end, Waterside north
Gadsby John Connoley, tailor & draper, 46 Sincil street
Gadsby William, watch & clock maker, 27 Silver street
Gandy William, carver & gilder, 10 Ca»tle hill
Garard Charles, whitesmith, 29 Steep hill
Gard Michael, rope, sack & twine maker, 40 Sincil street & Waterside south
Garnbam Rachael (Mrs.),clothes dealer, 15 Steep hill
Garrick Abraham, Recruiting Serjeant, 57 Steep hill
Garton Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, Pelham street
Gaskin Alfred, coal dealer, 396 High street
Gates James, optician, 7 Mint lame
Gee William, basket maker, 1 High street
Gibbons Marshall, grocer & tea dealer, 236 High street
Gibson William, carpenter, Norman street
Gilbert Benjamin, hairdresser, 15 Bailgate
Giles John, butcher. High street, & 9 New market
Glasier & Pratt, brickmakers, Longlees lane, St. Nicholas
Glen John Isabel, tailor & draper, Magpie square
Glover Charles, chandlers shop, Eastgate
Glover John, butcher, 25 High street
Goddard Henry, architect & surveyor, surveyor to the castle, & to the lighting & paving commissioners, High street
Goodyear George, beer retailer, Hungate
Goodyear Joseph, fruiterer, 18 Strait
Gould George, shopkeeper, 19 Burton road
Gould James, hatter, 3 Waterside south
Goulson Valentine, smith & farrier, 11 Thorngate
Goy Matthew, builder, auctioneer & valuer, 8 Grantham place
Grahy John, coal boat owner, 51 Waterside north
Graham Henry, confectioner & teadealer, 214 High street
Grassby William Blackburn, baker, 3 Grantham place
Gratton Henry, Plough, 20 Bailgate
Grawcock William, Ship, plumber & glazier, 17 Waterside north
Greasby Thomas, Scarboro Arms, 22 Bailgate
Green & Clarke, agricultural implement makers, Brayford side
Green John, Falstaff inn, 270 High street
Greenbam John Fountain, shopkeeper, 35 Westgate
Gregory George, whitesmith, 83 Bailgate
Gresham Robert, butcher, 14 Melville street
Gresham Thomas, fruiterer & seedsman, 271 High street
Gresham William, woollen draper, tailor, hatter etc. 301 & 305 High street
Gribble Robert, berlin repository, 46 Silver street
Grose Richard, linen draper etc. 97 High street
Grover Ann (Mrs.), Royal William, Brayford head
Grubb Alice (Miss), boarding house, 27 Monson street
Grummett Joseph, marine store dealer, 81 Bailgate
Gunthorp George, Waggon & Horses, Burton road
Gunthorp James, boot & shoe maker, 13 Bailgate
Gunyon Theodore, travelling teadealer, 4 Grantham place
Gutteridge William, plumber & glazier, 66 Newland

Hadwen & Sympson, surgeons, James street
Haines John, seedsman & florist, 81 Newport
Hales Jobn, furniture broker, 349 High street
Hall William & Son, tailors & drapers, 251 High street
Hall Amelia (Mrs.), baker, 32 Waterside south
Hall Edward, butcher, 35 Steep hill
Hall James, waterman, 15 Melville street
Hall John, stationer, 283 High street
Hall Rebecca Julian (Miss), ladies seminary, 263 High street
Hall Richard, dancing academy, 33 Silver street
Hall Richard, hardwareman & general dealer, 2 Thorngate
Hall Thomas, baker & confectioner, 92 Bailgate
Hall William, coach builder & harness maker, 165 High street
Hallam Enoch, horse & cattle doctor, Fish market, Salter gate
Hallam John, grocer, 15 Strait
Hallam Thomas, fruiterer, seedsman & market gardener, 117 High street & the New market
Hallifax George, keeper of butchery meat market, the skin yard & public slaughter house, Butchery street
Hanwell Hannah k Sarah (Misses), straw hat makers, 22 Monson street
Hardcastle Stephen, superintendent of police, north division, 36 Newport
Hardwick John, higgler, Thorngate
Hardy George, butcher, 327 High street
Hardy John S. architect & surveyor,30 Broadgate & 8 Melville street
Hardy William, grocer, 194 High street
Hardy William, grocer, 70 Waterside north
Hare John, hairdresser, 54 Waterside north
Hare Kuial, furniture broker, 21 Strait
Harmston John, sheriffs officer & county court bailiff, 50 Bailgate
Harmston William Harrison, pastrycook, confectioner, flour
dealer & lozenge maker, 242 High street
Harris William, grocer, 23 Far Newland
Harrison A. (Hiss), librarian to Mechanics institution, St. Swithins, Market place
Harrison Edwin, veterinary surgeon, 37 Bailgate
Harrison John Ashley, tailor & draper, 29 Silver street
Harrison Stephen, grocer, wine & spirit merchant, dealer in ales, stout & british wines, 220 High street
Harrison William, miller & baker, 16 Bailgate & Burton road
Hartley John, miller & corn merchant, Brayford head
Hartley William, shoemaker, 127 High street
Harvey & Lowe, surgeons. High street & Cornhill
Harvey Charles, Crown, Brayford head
Harvey George Smith, governor of city gaol & house of correction, Lindum road
Harvey Richard Sutton, surgeon, 262 High street & 2 Cornhill
Hastings John, tailor, 10 St. Mary street
Hattersley Isaac, nail manufacturer & gashookmaker, 273 High street
Hawkins Joseph, clerk in charge at Midland railway, 142 High street
Hayward John, proctor & notary, Beaumont manor
Hazard George, foreman porter at Midland railwy, 144 Higb street
Heardson James, dealer in firewood, 47 Waterside south
Heck James, fishmonger & poulterer, 311 High street
Heffernan Thomas, agent to the Scottish Equitable life insurance, Old Bank, High street
Height John, butcher, Norman street & New market
Herd Robert, farmer, Newport
Hewick Mary Ann(Mrs.), Roebuck, 310 High street
Hewitt Elizabeth (Mrs.), laundress, 59 Newland
Hewson, Brook & Broad bent, surgeons, 54 Newland
Hewson Daniel, shoemaker, Broadgate
Hewson Joseph, cattle doctor, 6 Newland shut
Hewson William, clock & watch maker, 2 Waterside north
Hickingbotham John, Robert & William, builders, Newland
Hickson John, bootmaker & Bail crier, 1 Westgate
Hickson Thomas, currier, White Swan yard, Butchery street
Hiegatt Edward, butcher, cheese & bacon factor, 1 Silver street
Hiley Roger, currier & leather cutter, 5 Water lane, Brayford
Hiley William, grocer & registry office for servants, 7 Bailgate
Hill John, grocer & market gardener, 388 High street
Hill Mary (Mrs.), Blue Pig, High street
Hill Robert G. surgeon, Easteate & 282 High street
Hitchins James, auctioneer & appraiser, coroner for the city, Kesteven & Lindsey portion of the county, agent to Pelican life assurance, secretary to the Mechanics institute etc, offices, Cornhill; residence, 3 Norman place
Hodson Hannah (Mrs.), staymaker, 25 Park lane
Hoe William, coachbuilder, Broadgate, & at Newark
Holland Jane & Ann (Misses), hosiers & glovers, 250 High street
Holland John, boot & shoe maker, 249 High street
Holland William Charles, grocer, wholesale & retail provision merchant, & chemist & druggist, Magpie square
Hollingsworth William, shopkeeper, 6 Drury lane
Holmes Daniel, barge builder, Brayford side
Holmes Edward Henry, boot & shoe maker, 205 High street
Holmes Henry, accountant, & registrar of births & deaths for the Home district of Lincoln, Free School lane
Holoran Kate (Miss), milliner k dressmaker, 38 Silver st
Holoran Thomas, hairdresser & perfumer, 175 High street
Holton John, master of the Wesleyan school, 11 Grantham place
Hopkins Hannah (Mrs.), confectioner, 8 Tborngate,& 8 New market
Hopkinson Samuel Edwin, cutler, grinder & hardwareman, Cornhill & 34 Sincil street
Horton George, hairdresser, perfumer & tobacconist, 239 High street
Howard Henry, miller,baker & cornchandler, 309 High street
Howitt George, butcher, Grantham street & 16 New market
Howard William Henry, upholsterer, cabinet maker & undertaker, 47 Silver street
Huddlestone & Cater, timber merchants, Brayford wharf
Huddleston Isabella (Miss), dressmaker, 8 Newland
Huddleston Sophia (Mrs.), fancy repository, 94 Bailgate
Huddleston William, stonemason, Melville street
Hughes Evan, clothes dealer, 3 Swanpool court, High street
Hunt Richard, Crown, Butchery street
Hunter George, currier, City Arms yard
Hutchinson George, beer retailer & higgler, Broadgate
Hutton Ann (Mrs.), dining room, 46 Steep hill
Hutton Robert William, artist, 8 Park
Hyde William Henry, grocer & tea dealer, 173 High street

Inman Richd. inspector of nuisances. Good lane, Newport
Islip Joseph, beer retailer, 30 Sincil street
Issott Joseph, tinman & brazier, 159 High street

Jacklin Joseph, grocer & fishmonger, 1 New market & St. Benedicts lane
Jackson Charles, market gardener, 11 High street
Jackson Edward, market gardener, 18 Steep hill
Jackson Henry, bricklayer, 1 Newton street, Melville street
Jackson Henry, stone & marble mason, Slacks yard, Brayford wharf
Jackson James, dyer & scourer, Waterside south
Jackson John, tailor & parish clerk, 81 High street
Jackson Peter, Hare & Hounds, 339 High street
Jackson Robert, Lion & Snake, 79 Bailgate
Jackson Robert, tailor & draper, 317 High street
Jackson Thomas, cowkeeper, Abrahams passage, High street
Jackson William, beer retailer, 27 Flaxen gate
Jackson William, market gardener & farmer, Gowts bridge, High street
Jav John, beer retailer, Sincil street
Jefferies Thomas, dentist k working jeweller, 335 High street
Jekyll John, veterinary surgeon, 54 Newland
Jelley k Crapps, general drapers, hosiers, silkmercers etc. 195 & 196 High street
Jenkinson William, horse dealer & breaker, Old Crown yard, Sincil street
Jennings George, commercial boarding bouse & dining rooms, 308 High street
Jennings John, chimney sweeper, 384 High street
Jevons Sarah (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, Norman place
Jibb John, slater, Newland & 47 Hungate
Johnson Edward, butcher, 103 High street
Johnson Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 33 Park
Johnson George Courtenay, watch & clock maker, silversmith etc. 257 High street
Johnson John, herbalist, 8 Danes terrace
Johnson John, shoemaker, 7 New market
Johnson William, bootmaker, 4 Strait
Johnson William Henry, wholesale & retail ironmonger, cutler, silversmith & dealer in agricultural implements, High bridge
Jones Bartholomew, brick & tile & coal dealer, 14 Waterside south
Jones Bartholomew, coal merchant & boat owner, 57 Waterside south
Jones Bartholomew, manager of subscription floor mill; mill, Saltbouse lane; sale shop, Cornhill

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