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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas of the UK

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas the UK

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Lincoln Traders in 1855 S - Y

    Lincoln, Lincolnshire pub history index

    Directory of Pubs in the UK historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Lincolnshire. The Lincolnshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

    Post Office Directory of all traders in Lincoln in 1855

    Saekston Mary Ann (Mrs.), dressmaker etc. 20 Lindum road
    Salt Chas Samuel, black & shoeing smith, 372 High street
    Salter Philip, chandlers shop, 55, Waterside south
    Sandall Edward, saddler, collar & harness maker, & manufacturer of driving bands for machinery & leather hose, copper riveted, Silver street
    Sanderson William, grocer, 24 Newport
    Sant John, veterinary surgeon, St. Marks place
    Saunders Frederick, Trent tavern, 10 Guildhall street
    Savage Frederick Bellamy, cooper, 23 Sincil street
    Sawyers Joseph, tailor, 32 Park lane
    Sayles F. A. dentist, Guildhall street & High street
    Scarcliffe Susan A. (Miss), milliner etc. 35 1/2 Silver street
    Scott Ann (Mrs.), grocer, 21 Sincil street
    Scott Charles, commercial traveller, 4 Oxford street
    Scott George, tinplate worker, 87 High street
    Scott Mary Ann (Miss), milliner, 11 Strait
    Scott Sarah (Mrs), boot & shoe maker, 325 High street
    Scott Thomas, chandlers shop, 432 High street
    Scrivener Edward, grocer, tea dealer, candle manufacturer, hop merchant, cheese & bacon factor & general provision merchant, 197 High street
    Seeley Chas. & Co. coal owners & merchants, Brayford head
    Seels Jane (Mrs.), gun, pistol & truss manufacturer, 224 High street
    Seely Hubert, grocer, 14 Bailgate
    Seely Robert, grocer, tea dealer & confectioner, 187 High street
    Senior Henry, shopkeeper, 15 Hungate
    Sewell Thomas, butcher, High street
    Sewell Thomas (Mrs.), milliner, hosier etc. 245 High Btreet
    Sharp Jeremiah, chandlers shop. Bank street
    Sharp Nathan, plumber k glazier, 194 1/2 High street
    Sharpe & Mortimer, spirits; porter merchants, 31 Broadgate
    Sharpe Henry, plumber & elazier, 30 Steep hill
    Shaw William, toy dealer, 26 Strait
    Shipley George Hopkin, boarding & day school, Michaelgate
    Slioiton James George, solicitor, 1 St. Benedicts lane
    Showier Young Thomas, grocer, 85 Bailgate
    Simpson Ann (Mrs.) & Son, general ironmongers, braziers, tinmen, manufacturers of & dealers in agricultural implements, bell hangers & gas fitters, 233 k 237 High street
    Simpson Charles, bricklayer, 101 Hiuh street
    Simpson George, fishmonger, Stone bow, High street
    Simpson Joseph, City Arms, 23 Strait
    Singleton William, waterproof railway waggon cover manufacturer & rope maker, Curholme road
    Sivil James, leather cutter & gTindery dealer, Butchery street
    Skill William, maltster & brewer, 64 Bailgate
    Slack Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 44 Newland street
    Slack John, miller & wharfinger, Brayford head
    Slingsby Robert, carpenter, 2 Norman street
    Smith, Ellison & Co. bankers, 225 High street (with branches at Gainsborough, Brigg, Cantor, Great Grimsby & Market Rasen), draw on Smith, Payne & Co. London
    Smith Matthew & Son, wool & coal merchant) & maltsters, 10 High street
    Smith Benjamin, timber & coal merchant & wheelwright, Brayford head
    Smith Caroline (Mrs.), fruiterer, 27 Melville street
    Smith Charles, hosier, 234 High street.
    Smith Francis, butcher, 20 Far Newland
    Smith George, auctioneer & commission agent, 35 Newland
    Smith George (executors of), plumber & glazier, 7 Eastgate
    Smith John, Monsons Arms tavern & commercial hotel, High street
    Smith John, fruiterer, 43 Silver street
    Smith John, grocer, tea & provision dealer, 217 & 218 High street
    Smith John, tailor, Burton road
    Smith John Banks, MRAS. land agent, auctioneer & surveyor, agent to the principal agricultural implement manufacturers, proprietor of the Lincolnshire estate, registrar, & agent to London & County tire & life assurance, 22 Silver street; & at Lnngrick
    Smith John Metcalfe, spirit, corn, linseed cake & coal merchant, Brayford head
    Smith Susanna (Mrs.), herbalist, 2 Sincil street
    Smith Thomas, hairdresser etc. 213 High street
    Smith William, beer retailer, 28 Waterside north
    Smith William, beer retailer & boat owner, Thorngate
    Smith William, carpenter etc. 2 Monson street
    Smith William, carpenter & joiner, 385 High street
    Smith William, tobacco pipe maker, 26 Waterside south
    Snell Elizabeth (Mrs.), dining rooms, 33 Strait
    Snell William, cabinet maker & upbolsterer,34 St. Mary street
    Snow James, surgeon, Close Minster yard
    Snow Richard, seedsman, 39 High street
    Snow William, Lion, 109 & 170 High street
    Spalding Jame-, tailor, 24 Sincil street
    Sparrow Henry, shoemaker, Gowts bridge, High street
    Speet Henry, baker & grocer, 10 Beaumont place
    Spence Mary (Mrs.), chandlers shop, 38 Waterside north
    Spencer George, chemist & druggist, 314 High street
    Spencer Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 33 Rasen lane
    Spencer Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 28 Strait
    Sponge John, chimney sweeper, 50 Rasen lane
    Squire Henry, builder, Waterside south
    Stainton Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner & stationer, 11 Guildhall street
    Stamp Mary (Mrs.), grocer etc. 1 Norman street
    Stephenson Samuel, tin plate worker, 1 Castle bill
    Stepnall Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Clusketgate
    Stevenson John, corn, coal, malt, hop, bone, cake, & guano merchant, Corn Exchange & High street
    Stewart Charles, carrier to Sleaford, Old Crown yard, Sincil street
    Stoakes Henry & Son, tailors & drapers, 327 High street
    Stocks Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer, 63 Newport
    Storr Charles, tailor, 8 Strait
    Storr Joseph, baker, 65 Newland
    Storr William, beer retailer, 15 Danesgate
    Stott Christopher, grocer, 9 Danes terrace
    Stroud Henry, commercial traveller, 5 Grantham place
    Stubbs William, locomotive foreman at Midland railway, 143 High street
    Sugden Caroline & Letitia (Misses), british wine makers, 18 Butchery street
    Swain Richard, fishmonger & licensed dealer in game, 302 High street
    Swallow Jane & Son, furniture dealers, 30 Strait
    Swallow George, shopkeeper, 18 Westgate
    Swallow Richard, cabinet maker, 12 Strait
    Swan Letitia (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 6 St. Benedicts lane
    Swan Robert, solicitor, registrar of the diocese, clerk to the dean & chapter of Lincoln, clerk to commissioners of taxes & to the magistrates of the parts of Lindsey, commissioner & in taking acknowledgments of married women, & agent to Norwich Union fire & life insurance company. Exchequer gate
    Swift Rev. John J. B.A. gents boarding school, 3 Pottergate
    Sylvester William. clerk to the stamp office, 25 Waterside south
    Sympson Elizabeth (Mrs.), chemist, druggist & teauealer, 283 High street

    Talbot Elizabeth (Mrs.), chandlers shop, 134 High street
    Talbot John, Lock posting huse, & pork butcher, 53 Waterside south
    Talbot Richard, auctioneer k surveyor, tobacco & wine & spirit merchant, Bank street, & at the City auction matt. Cornhill
    Talbot Samuel, grocer, Priorygate
    Tallant Mary Elizabeth (Miss), ladies boarding school, 369 High street
    Tatam William, Monsons Arms tap, Hungate
    Tateham Walter, auctioneer & valuer, 285 High street & Sale rooms, Cornhill
    Taylor George, teacher of music, 75 Bailgate
    Taylor Mary Ann (Miss), dressmaker & upholstress, & agent to Lutour Rateau, of 130 New Bond street, London, dyer, Newland street
    Taylor Ralph, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 11 Castle hill, & Exchequer gate
    Taylor Robert, beer retailer k baker, 86 High street
    Taylor Samuel, chandlers shop, 54 Waterside south
    Taylor William Day, furniture broker, 56 Steep hill
    Teather Edward, boot & shoe maker, 33 Waterside north
    Tebb Thomas, tailor, 44 High street
    Thomas William, church & turret clock & gun maker, 7 Strait
    Thompson George, Castle tavern, 55 Bailgate
    Thompson John, Prince of Wales, 77 Bailgate
    Thomson John, linen & woollen draper, 58 Newland
    Thornhill John, tailor & draper, 277 High street
    Thornton Harriet (Mrs.), Black Bull, 199 High street
    Thornton John Lawrence, Saracens Head family & commercial hotel & posting house, & agent to National & Mercantile life insurance office & Midland parcels ottice, 298 High street
    Thoresby William Palmer, sec. to gas works, Gas street, Newlands
    Thorpe William, chandlers shop, 423 High street
    Tborpp John, Black Boy, Castle hill
    Thorsby William Palmer, secretary to gas company, Gas street
    Tindall Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Grantham place
    Tindall John, furniture broker, 1 Steep hill
    Tindall William, painter & glazier, 266 High street
    Tindall William (Mrs.), milliner, dress & stay makr. 266 High st
    Tipper Fredk. Henry, saddler & harness maker, 90 Bailgate
    Tollerton William, baker & grocer, 28 Waterside south
    Tomlinson Charles Knowles, chemist & druggist, dealer in patent medicines & agent to European life & annuity, 6 Bailgate, 292 High street, & at Wellingore
    Tong Thomas, cattle salesman, 23 Rosen lane
    Tonge Charles, farmer, 122 High street, & at Branston
    Torry John Cooper, physician, 11 Silver street
    Towers George, french polisher, 34 Rosen lane
    Townhill William, coal merchant, Brayford head
    Townsend Elizabeth (Mrs.), Steam Packet, Waterside north
    Toynbee Robert, solicitor & clerk to commissioners of income & property tax, 6 Bank street
    Toyne John, market gardener, 80 High street
    Trafford George, grocer, 33 Sincil street
    Trafford George Robert, tailor & breeches maker, Exchequer gate
    Trafford John, Spread Eagle inn & commercial hotel & posting house, 301 High street
    Trotter Frederick King, dentist, Guildhall street
    Trotter Theodore, wholesales: retail ironmonger,204 High street
    Turner George, butcher, 1 New market
    Turner Henry, tailor, 18 Goleys row, Newland
    Turner Sarah (Mrs.), Black Goats tavern, 303 High street
    Turner William, Kings Arms, Kings Arms yard, High street
    Turner William, agricultural implement maker, general smith & boiler maker, Nettleham road
    Turner William, cooper, 431 High street
    Toxlord John, plumber & glazier, 13 Saltergale
    Tuxfoid William, baker, 43 Waterside north
    Tweed Jobn Thomas, solicitor (mayor of the city, 1854), & agent to North of Scotland Life assurance company, High street
    Tweedale George, coal merchant, 141 High street
    Tye John, millwright & brass founder, Brayford wharf
    Tyler Thomss, eating house, 5 Waterside south

    Uppleby Field, solicitor & clerk to county court, Silver street
    Usher Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Michaelgate
    Usher Thomas, watchmaker etc. 192 High street

    Vertu Signor Julien, professor of languages, 33 Park
    Vickers George, baker & confectioner, 212 High street
    Vickers William, builder & artificial stone manufacturer, 59 Steep hill

    Waddinglon Richard, ironmonger, 3 Guildhall street
    Wakefield Aaron, greengrocer, & chandlers shop, 59 Waterside north
    Wakelin James, house & sign painter, Danes terrace
    Walesby Elmit, Crown & Anchor, Newland
    Walker Wm. china & earthenware dealer, St. Benedicts lane
    Walker William, hairdresser, 260 High street
    Walker William, tailor, 3 Clasketgate
    Walkley James, butcher, 21a, Sincil street, & at Newmarket
    Walkley Thomas, butcher, 7 Silver street
    Wallace William, relieving officer for Lincoln, Greetwell, Fiskerton & Chellv Willingham, 5 Danes gate
    Waller Richard, grocer, 1 Clasketgate
    Walley Thomas, town crier, 3 Mutch lane
    Wallhead George, house decorator, carver & gilder, Butchery street
    Walster George, boot & shoe maker, 15 Sincil street
    Ward Charles, builder, timber merchant & dealer in building materials, Brayford wbarf
    Ward Eliza Ann (Mrs.), slater & slate agent, 20 Waterside south
    Ward Esther (Mrs.), Generous Briton, Mutch lane
    Ward William, bread & biscuit baker, 93 High street
    Ward William, Kings Head, 9 Eastgate
    Ware Henry, boot & shoe maker, 16 Grantham street
    Watkinson k Robey, engineers, agricultural implement manufacturers, machinists & iron & brass founders etc. St. Rumbolds lane, Broadgate
    Watson Ann Elizabeth (Mrs.), staymaker, 11 Newland
    Watson Thomas, confectioner, 26 Steep hill
    Watson William, nail manufacturer, 56 High street
    Webber William, tailor & draper, 269 High street
    Webber William (Mrs.), maker of masonic clothing & jewels, 269 High street
    Webster Samuel, tinman & brazier, 267 High street
    Webster William Henry, painter, 9 Park
    Welbourn John, merchant, Great Northern hotel yard
    Welhourn Joseph, miller, Salthouse lane & Canwick road
    Welboume John, corn & coal merchant, Brayford wharf
    Welch Alfred, chemist & druggist, 1 Melville street
    Wells John, beer retailer, 121 High street
    Wells Robert, hairdresser, 3 Waterside north
    Wells William, furniture broker, 42 Newland
    Welton John, hairdresser & perfumer, 25 Silver street
    Welton William, eating & boarding house, 337 High street
    West Charles, cornchandler & general dealer, 22 Waterside south
    Wetherell M. & T. tanners, Tanners lane, High street
    Wheatley Joseph, Farmers & Graziers hotel,Cattle market, Monks lane
    White William, nursery & seeds man, Nettleham road
    Whiielamb Joseph, shopkeeper, 4 Burton road
    Whitton & Ashley, wine, spirit & porter merchants, 183 High street
    Whitton Richard, agent to Yorkshire fire & life insurance office, High street
    Whitton John, lastmaker, 5 Strait
    Wholey William, tailor, 12 Bailgate
    Wilkinson Charles, Rein Deer, 4 High street
    Wilkinson John (Mrs.), ladies seminary, 1 Freeschool lane
    Wilkinson John Sharpe, merchant, corn & coal merchant & shipowner & proprietor of Boston steam packet, Waterside & 11 Melville street
    Williams Henry, solicitor & under sheriff to the county, commissioner for taking acknowledgments of married women, & agent to the Clerical & Medical insurance company, Castle hill
    Williamson John, tailor, 41 Steep bill
    Williamson Joseph, beer retailer, 53 Waterside south
    Willougbby Ann (Mrs.), cowkeeper, 42 Waterside north
    Willoughby Hezekiah, butcher, 9 Strait
    Willows Edward, baker, confectioner & grocer, 318 High street
    Willows Edward, grocer & baker, 7 Oxford street
    Wilmott William, Turf inn, Guildhall street
    Wilson Benjamin, butcher, Stone bow, High street
    Wilson Charles, boot & shoe maker, Burton road
    Wilson Charlotte (Mrs.), chimney sweeper etc. 26 Waterside north
    Wilson George, cabinet maker, upholsterer etc. 40 Silver street
    Wilson George, chimney sweeper, St. Martins row
    Wilson Isaac, Falcon tavern, 5 Saltergate
    Wilson Job, bootmaker, St. Martins row
    Wilson John, beer retailer, Corporation lane
    Wilson John, builder, 34 Bailgate
    Wilson Lucy (Mrs.), clock & watch maker, 2 Guildhall street
    Wilson Maximilian, Marquis of Granby, Butchery street
    Wilson Richard, butcher, 218 High street
    Wilson William, butcher, 211 High street
    Wilson William, painter, plumber & glazier, & licensed to let horses, 334 High street
    Wimberley William, collector etc. at Great Northern railway, 17 Monson street
    Winn k Whitton, general drapers, silkmercers, undertakers etc. 234 High street
    Winn F. & C. brewers & maltsters, 16 Broadgate
    Winter Rebecca (Miss), berlin & fancy repository,44 Silver street
    Wish Richard, bookbinder, machine ruler, account book manufacturer, & dealer in brushes, door mats etc. 241 High street
    Wood James, bootmaker, 17 Strait
    Wood James, grocer, Monson street
    Wood John, book keeper, Grantham street
    Wood William, chandlers shop, Great well gate
    Woodall Robert, miller, Barton road
    Woodcock Page Dewing, chemist k druggist, tobacconist, teadealer, vender of patent medicines, & agent to Great Britain Mutual life assurance company, 312 High street
    Woodcock William, tinplate worker, 79 High street
    Wood head George, city fire engine keeper, 8 St.Swithins, Market place
    Woodhouse Joseph, hoot & shoe maker, 115 1/2 High street
    Wood I i He Henry, painter & grainer, 8 Grantham street
    Woolatt Joseph, butcher, 2 Burton road
    Woolfjtt Benjamin, tanner of hides & skins, 104 High street
    Woolfitt Thomas, cork cutter, Brayford street
    Wray Benjamin, stonemason & builder, Eastgate
    Wray Thomas, coal ice. carter, 2 High street
    Wren Charles, blacksmith, Brayford wharf
    Wrench John, castrator, 390 High street
    Wright Charles, basket maker, 26 Waterside south
    Wriuht Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, 26 Raseu lane
    Wright Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 41 Waterside north
    Wright Mary (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 50 Waterside north
    Wright Philip, chandlers shop, 403 High street
    Wright Richard, joiner & builder, 3 Butchery street
    Wroot & Dymoke, wholesale druggists, 235 High street

    Yates John, butcher, 57 Waterside north
    Young John, architect & surveyor. 20 Melville street
    Young John Matthew Wilson, professor of music k organist to the cathedral, 26 Eastgate
    Yale William, tailor, 17 Burton road


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