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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas of the UK

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas the UK

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Nottinghamshire 1855 Pub directory A - B

    Nottinghamshire pub history index

    Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Nottinghamshire. The Nottinghamshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

    Admiral Dundas, J. Ginever, St. Anns road, Nottingham
    Admiral Nelson, Mrs. A. Woodward, West Thorpe, Southwell
    Admiral Rodney, W. Baguley, Calverton, Nottingham
    Admiral Rodney, T. J. Bradshaw, King street, Southwell
    Admiral Rodney, Mrs. S.Woodward, Woolaton, Nottingham
    Albion, G Coote, Park road, New Lenton, Nottingham
    Albion, T. Eyre, Carlton road, Nottingham
    Albion, T. Goodley, Leeming street, Mansfield
    Alderman Wood, W. Guyler, 4 Charlotte street, Nottingham
    Alfred the Great, G. Spencer, Great Alfred street, Nottingham
    Anchor, Mrs. E. Bollard, Sutton Bonnington, Loughboro
    Anchor, F. Hoggard, Eastgate, Worksop
    Anchor, Mrs. A. Kendall, Walnut Tree lane, Nottingham
    Anchor, R. Knight, Gunthorpe, Nottingham
    Anchor, L. Pettinger, Hayton, Retford
    Anchor, S. Rawson, Skegby, Mansfield
    Anchor, F. Taylor, Carol gate, East Retford
    Ancient Druid, G Mann, 21 Newcastle street, Nottingham
    Angel, J. Allcroft, Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield
    Angel, Mrs. C. Booth, Market square, East Retford
    Angel, J. Creasey, Blyth, Worksop
    Angel, W. Picker, Westgate, Mansfield
    Angel, A. Sampson, Kneesall, Newark
    Angel, J Sheppard, Middle gate, Newark
    Apollo, C. Tudsbury, Eastfield side, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Mansfield
    Arboretum, W. Adcock, Goldsmith street, Nottingham

    Barley Mow, W. Hopkins, Mattersey, Bawtry
    Barley Mow, W. Horspool, Weekday cross, Nottingham
    Barley Mow, J. Reckless, 20 Upper Parliament street, Nottingham
    Barley Mow, S. Stapleton, High street, Old Basford, Nottingham
    Barley Mow, J Whitehead, Trowle, Nottingham
    Basket, W. Mills, West Leake, Loughhorough
    Bee Hive, W. Bilble, 41 Beck street, Nottingham
    Bee Hive, J. Hunt, Henry street, New Sneinton, Nottingham
    Bee Hive, W. Nicholson, Eastgate, Worksop
    Bell, Mrs, A, Buttery, Carlton on Trent, Newark
    Bell, J. B. Clarke, Bell yard, Long row east, Nottingham
    Bell, H. Crooke, Bingham
    Bell, T. Hudson, Lound. Retford
    Bell, J. Quibel, North Carlton, Worksop
    Bell, T. Royce, Angel row, Nottingham
    Bird in Hand, Mrs. M. Stafford, Sheep lane, Nottingham
    Black Boy, H. Chantry, Market place, Mansfield
    Black Boy, R. Chapman, Long row east, Nottingham
    Black Bull, C. Allwood, Sutton-in-Ashfieid, Mansfield
    Black Bull, W. Bradley, King street, Southwell
    Black Bull, C. Clark. Blidworth, Mansfield
    Black Bull, J. Cuff, Westgate, Mansfield
    Black Bull, L. Jackson, Newthorpe, Nottingham
    Black Bull, R. Levers,11 Chapel bar. Nottingham
    Black Bull, G. Watkin, Carter gate, Newark
    Black Girl, J. Stephenson, Clareborough. Retford
    Black Horse, Mrs. M. Birkett, Norwell, Newark
    Black Horse, G. Cotton, Flintham, Newark
    Black Horse, F. Ekings, Caythorpe, Nottingham
    Black Horse, J Hancock, Barnby pate, Newark
    Black Horse, W. Kitchen, Wellow, Newark
    Black Horse, E. Robinson, Tuxford
    Black Horse, W. Smith, Stockwell gate. Mansfield
    Black Horse, T. Taylor, Stoney street, Nottingham
    Black Lion, J. Elliott, Castle gate. Nottingham
    Black Lion, S. Timms, Cotgrave, Nottingham
    Black Stoan, J. Beardsley, Woodthorpe Arnold,Nottingham
    Black Simni, Miss S. Bullivant, Edwinstowe, Ollerton
    Hindi Sioan, W. Bullivant, Albert street. Mansfield
    Black Satan, S. Knutton, 9 Goosegate, Nottingham
    Black Stean, M. Lucas, Pleasley hill, Mansfield
    Black Swan, W. Wheatley, St. Marks lane, Newark
    Blackmoors Head, G. Gleadell, Moorgate, East Retford
    Blacks Head, W. Chapman, Chapel gate, East Retford
    Blacks Head, J. Ellis, Broad marsh, Nottingham
    Blacks Head, Mrs. P. Jagger, Carlton. Nottingham
    Blacks Head, G. Street, High street, Nottingham
    Blacksmiths Arms, J. Empson, Everton, Bawtry
    Blacksmiths Arms, W. Holberry, Mattersey, Bawtry
    Blacksmiths Arms, W, Pearce, Sturton le Steeple, Retford
    Blacksmiths Arms, J. Rayner, Torworth, Bawtry
    Blue Ball, R. Duffin, Peck lane, Nottingham
    Blue Bell, H. Beeley, Woodend, Holbeck, Cuckney, Mansfield
    Blue Bell, G. Booth, Farndon, Newark
    Blue Bell, J. Burnett, Gringley-on-the-Hill, Bawtry
    Blue Bell, J. Chambers, Weston, Carlton-on-Trent
    Blue Bell, J Eyre, Ranskill, Bawtry
    Blue Bell, G. Green, 107 Upper Parliament street, Nottingham
    Blue Bell, R. Harpham, East Drayton, Dunham
    Blue Bell, J. Miller, Ollerton
    Blue Bell, W. Price, Tuxford
    Blue Bell, G. Howe, Annesley Woodhouse, Mansfield
    Blue Bell, J. Smith, Church street, Mansfield
    Blue Bell, J. Smith, Coddington, Newark
    Blue Bell, G. Stansall, Market place, Newark
    Blue Bell, W. Woodward, Park street, Worksop
    Blue Boar, Mrs. S. Eyre, Stockwell gate, Mansfield
    Boars Head, J Broughton, Middle gate, Newark
    Boat, B. Dixon, West Retford, Retford
    Boat, R. Sims, Laneham, Dunham
    Boat, Mrs. A. Smith, Hayton, Retford
    Boat, J. Tnrner, Common, Worksop
    Boat & Horses, R. Harwnod, Rylands, Beeston, Nottingham
    Boot, T. Dutton, Sutton Bonnington, Loughborough
    Boot & Shoe, Mrs. A. Hebb, Granby, Bingham
    Boot & Shoe, W. Mawby, Flintham, Newark
    Bottle & Glass, S. Peck, Harby. Lincoln
    Boundary, B. Garside, Potter street, Worksop
    Bowl in Hand, J. Short, Leeming street, Mansfield
    Bowling Green. J. McKelvie, Canal street, Nottingham
    Brewers Arms, W. Taylor, Carol gate, East Retford
    Brick & Tile, E. Alton, Sulton-in-Ashfield, Mansfield
    Brick & Tile, J. Redfern, Underwood, Alfreton
    Bricklayers Arms, J. Hartley, Everton, Bawtry
    Bricklayers Arms, Mrs. E. Western, Elksley, Retford
    Brickmakers Arms, J. Foster, Sneinton Elements, Nottingham
    Bridge, R. Beedall, Common, Worksop
    Bridge, B. Coulson, Dunham, Newark
    Bristowe Arms, G. Pinder, Caunton, Newark
    Britannia, T. Scottern. Mount street, Nottingham
    Britannia, A. Taylor, Farndon, Newark
    Broad Oak, Miss M. Oldershaw, Strelly, Nottingham
    Brown Cow, W. Sansom, Ratcliffe gate, Mansfield
    Brownlow Arms, J. Truswell, Marnham, Carlton-on-Trent
    Buffalo Head. R. Raby, Drinsey nook, Tborney, Newark
    Bugle Horn, T Mason, Commerce street, Nottingham
    Bull & Butcher, F. Read, Bulwell, Nottingham
    Bull, R. Saxton, Selston, Alfreton
    Bull, W. Turtle, Market place, Worksop
    Bulls Head, J. Franks, Portland street, Mansfield
    Bulls Head, J.Gee, Willoughby-on-the-Wolds, Loughboro
    Bulls Head, T. Hallam, East Leake, Loughborough
    Bulls Head, S. Heath, Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield
    Bulls Head, G. Marshall, Sutton Bonnington, Loughboro
    Bulls Head, M. Miller, Fisher gate, Nottingham
    Bulwell Spring, J. Pinder, Bulwell, Nottingham
    Bunkers Hill, T. Longland, 23 Bunkers hill, Nottingham
    Surnell Arms, J. Rickett, Winkbourn, Southwell
    Butchers Arms, R. Bramhall, Laneham, Dunham
    Butchers Arms, T. Dickinson, 13 Newcastle street, Nottingham
    Butchers Arms, G. Marples. Bridge street, Worksop
    Butchers Arms, J. Morris, Kirkby Woodhouse, Mansfield
    Butchers Arms, W. Popple, Carol gate, East Retford
    Butchers Arms, W. Revell, Gringley-on-the-Hill, Bawtry

    **** Provided By Kevan

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