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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas of the UK

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas the UK

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Birmingham 1835 Pigots directory K - W

    Birmingham pub history index

    Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Birmingham, Warwickshire. The Birmingham, Warwickshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

    Taverns & Public Houses.
    King of Prussia, Newton street, Hy Denston
    Kings Arms, Great Barr street, Jos Brownell
    Kings Arms, 1 Barford street, Jos Chatwin
    Kings Arms, 70 Bagot street, William Clarke
    Kings Arms, Newtown row, Thomas Cooper
    Kings Arms, 65 William street, William Felton
    Kings Arms, Lionel street, Thomas Lancaster
    Kings Arms, Harborne, John Newey
    Kings Arms, 40 Whittall street, Thomas Swift
    Kings Arms, 14 Moor row, John Timmons
    Kings Head, 153 Camden street, Rd Bailey
    Kings Head, 56 Dudley street, Robert Belcher
    Kings Head, 125 Brearley street, Jas Horton
    Kings Head, 56 High street, Henry P Lowe
    Kings Head, 127 Digbeth, Arthur Matthson
    Kings Head, 72 Worcester street, Robert Mayou
    Kings Head, 67 Allison street, Wiliam Smith
    Kings Head, 18 Steelhouse lane, Samuel Toy

    Lamb & Flag, 12 John street, John pears
    Lamp, High street, Deritend, Juliana Brownell
    Lamp, 16 Edmund street, James Corbett
    Lamp, 20 Beak street, William Harrison
    Lamp, Cannon street, Nathaniel Horn
    Lamp Tavern, 73 Bull street, Francis Carver
    Leicester Arms, 28 Bell street, John Gilbert
    Leopard, 16 Great Hampton street, John Crosby
    Leopard, 87 Weaman street, Thomas Hinton
    Leopard, 87 Dale end, George Parkes
    Lichfield Tavern, 110 Coleshill street, Jn Lyndon
    Lion & Lamb, High street, Lucy Morris
    Liverpool Tavern, Thomas street, William Morris
    Lord Nelson, 32 Tanter street, John Archer

    Major Cartwright Tavern, 56 Weaman street, Theodore Bland
    Malt Shovel, 22 Thomas street, John Bollins
    Malt Shovel, Oxford street, Joseph handley
    Malt Shovel, Fordrough street, Robert Owen
    Malt Shovel, 50 Smallbrook street, John Smith
    Marquess Cornwallis, 40 Weaman street, Mary Jones
    Minervam Quuen street and Peck lane, Phoebe & Sarah Lyndon
    Mitre, 66 Newhall street, John Gilbert
    Mitre, 40 Moor street, Joseph Harrison
    Mogul, 95 Bartholomew street, Jas Gilbert
    Moseley Arms, Ravenhurst street, Samuel Fisher
    Mughouse, Chapel street, John Lloyd
    Nags Head, 29 High street, Deritend, David Edkins
    Nags Head, 94 Lichfield street, Sarah Westwood
    Navigation, 1 Parade, William Felton
    Navigation, 36 Wharf street, George Perrin
    Nelson, Nelson street, Sand pitsm Richard faux
    Nelson, 17 Loveday street, Richard Povey
    Nelson, 34 Russell street, David Taylor
    New Inn, New Inn road, John Crockett
    New Inn, New John street, Richard Edwards
    New Inn, Yardley, Mary Powell
    New Inn, Harborne, Samuel pritchett
    New Inn, 193 Bromsgrove street, William Smith
    New Market Tavern, 50 Worcester street, John Wolfinden
    New Peacock, Aston road, Richard Fullford
    Noahs Ark, 76 Bartholomew street, Rd Palmer

    Old Barley Mow, 13 Mary street, Jas Jones
    Old Bricklayers Arms, 13 Ann street, William Yeardley
    Old Bulls Head, 81 Digbeth, Charles Middleton
    Old Crown, Edgbaston street, Henry Allcock
    Old Crown, 184 1/2 High street, Deritend, Joseph Baylis
    Old Crown, 65 Great Charles street, William hassall
    Old Dun Cow, 36 Pinfold street, Thomas Allen
    Old Golden Fleece, 65 Edgbaston street, Frances Doughty
    Old Green Man, Aston road, William Davis
    Old Green man, Lancaster street, Jn Partridge
    Old Guy, 57 Digbeth, Thomas Thayer
    Old Kings Arms, 14 London Prentice street, Thomas Aston
    Old Kings Arms, 27 High street, Deritend, Samuel Wood
    Old Leathern Bottle, 222 High street, Deritend, Edward Smallwood
    Old Peacock, Aston road, Thomas Pinner
    Old Phoenix, 3 Park street, Edmund Webb
    Old Rodney, 51 Hill street, william Harper
    Old Rodney, 49 Thorp street, James Powell
    Old Ship, 27 Fox street, Joseph Richards
    Old Turks Head, York street, Josiah James
    Old Union Mill, Holt street, Chas Scrambler
    Old Wharf, 22 Oxford street, Thomas Marsh
    Old White Lion, Lancaster street, Jos smith
    Orange Tree, Highgate, Joseph Dutton

    Paul Pry, New Summer street, Jon Chinery
    Peeping Tom, 22 High street, William Preston
    Phoenix, 16 Alcester street, Hannah Richardson
    Plough & Harrow, Hagley road, Ann Dee
    Plough & Harrow, Highgate, Thomas Proctor
    Plumbers Arms, Newton street, Jn G Whitfield
    Plume of Feathers, Queen street, William Johnson
    Pump, Bull ring, Thomas Lloyd
    Punch Bowl, 54 Steelhouse lane, Sarah hands

    Queens Head, Soho street, Robert Hooper
    Queens Head, Newtown row, Eliz Lawley

    Railway Tavern, Duddeston row, William Beech
    Railway Tavern, Manchester street, Robert Watson
    Rainbow, High street, Bordesley, William Power
    Recruiting Serjeant, 89 coleshill street, William parkin
    Red Bull, 3 Thomas street, Joseph Cash
    Red Cow, 110 Dale end, Henry Bolton
    Red Lion, 6 Bond street, John Allcock
    Red Lion, 20 Bread street, Thomas Birch
    Red Lion, Warstone lane, Martha Claridge
    Red Lion, 197 High street, Henry Hewson
    Red Lion, Smallbrook street, Fras S Hildick
    Red Lion, 37 Park street, John Irons
    Red Lion, Soho street, Robert Lane
    Red Lion, 64 Cheapside, William Richards
    Red Lion, 63 Suffolk street, Thomas southall
    Red Lion, 30 Lancaster street, John Standley
    Red Lion, St Martins street, Jos Thompson
    Red Lion, Dale end, Edward Upfill
    Red Lion, 2 Bull ring, William Welch
    Rising Sun, 108 Suffolk street, Jos Bradshaw
    Rising Sun, Cross street, Thomas Craggs
    Roebuck, 10 Cox street, Thomas bakewell
    Roebuck, 40 Ludgate hill, Thomas Morris
    Roebuck, 78 Luke street, Julia ann Rogers
    Rose, 68 Edgbaston street, William Moore
    Rose & Crown, 19 Whittall street, Jno Aston
    Rose & Crown, Hill street, Hannah harbridge
    Rose & Crown, Bread street, Edward Hendren
    Rose & Crown, Summer row, Sarah Jackson
    Rose & Crown, Cheapside, Aaron Jones
    Rose & Crown, 79 Lichfield street, William Keay
    Rose & Crown, Bromsgrove street, My Reeves
    Rose & Crown, Great Brook street, Jos Shipley
    Rose & Crown, 71 Weaman street, Job Swift
    Rose & Punch Bowl, 41 Bull street, Jno Jones
    Royal Exchange, Dale end, Jno Rollason
    Royal Exchange, Whittall street, Jno Wiggan
    Royal George, Summer lane, Samuel Smith
    Royal Oak, Lozells road, John Bratt
    Royal Oak, 22 Lichfield street, Chas Brown
    Royal Oak, Little Charles street, William Gillott
    Royal Oak, 1 Old Inkleys, Jas Littler
    Royal Oak, Andover street, Job Reeves

    Sailors Return, Dartmouth place, William Palmer
    St Georges, High street, Ann Burbridge
    St Georges, 21 Great Hampton street, Willoughby Busby
    St Georges, Upper Tower street, Edw Groves
    St Georges, 38 Harford street, Robert Marler
    Saint Philips tavern, 35 Great Charles street, John Midlam
    Salmon, Severn street, Francis Norman
    Salutation, 86 Snowhill, William cartwright
    Sampson & Lion, Hill street Jemima Brown
    Saracens Head, 14 Hill sreet, John Hart
    Saracens Head, Edgbaston street, William Jeffreys
    Saracens Head, 51 Snowhill, Job Martin
    Sea Horse, 20 Buck street, Francis Marrian
    Seven Stars, 73 Worcester street, Samuel mayo
    Shakspeare, 46 Queen sreet, Richard Jones
    Shakspeares Head, kenion street, William Edkins
    Shakspeares Head, 1 Great Hampton street, John Parkes
    Shakspeares Head, Livery street, Edward penn
    Shepherd & Shepherdess, 13 Cross street, William Davis
    Shepherd & Shepherdess, Saltley, William Greensill
    Ship, Camp hill, John Youle
    Ship & Rainbow, 44 Bull street, Thomas Forrester
    Sir John Falstaff, 58 Weaman street, William bellamy
    Small Heath Tavern, Small heath, William henry Bland
    Soho Tavern, Nineveh, George Taylor
    Spread Eagle, 13 Spiceal street, James Gray
    Stag & Pheasant, Pershore street, Samuel Davis
    Stag & Pheasant, Woodcock street, William Hutton
    Star, Milk street, Henry Holyoak
    Star, 62 Lichfield street, John James
    Star, 114 Dale end, Mary Ward
    Steam Coach Tavern, Newton street, Chas Yarwood
    Stone Cross, 60 Dale end, Robert Owen
    Sun, Bristol road, Esther Holmes
    Swan, 79 Navigation street, Hannah Bromfield
    Swan, Edgbaston, John Chapman
    Swan, 118 Hospital street, Robert Davenport
    Swan, yardley, Isaac Jennings
    Swan, Erdington, William Spooner, Littleshales
    Swan, 17 Summer row, Thomas Tilsley
    Swan, 130 Snowhill, Charles Winn
    Swan with Two Necks, 53 high street, Deritend, Seymour Eboraw
    Swan with Two Necks, Great Brook street, Jos Hyde
    Swan with Two Necks, 8 St Martins lane, George Stewart

    Talbot, 10 New Inkleys, Joseph Pimley
    Talbot, 16 Digbeth, Diana Twigg
    Talbot Inn, Yardley, John Heath
    Tamworth Arms, 5 Moor street, James Smith
    Thatched House, Duddeston row, Ts Jones
    Three Crowns, Steelhouse lane, Fras Cook
    Three Crowns, 26 Russell street, Alfred heaton
    Three Crowns, 222 High street, WilliamLeverett
    Three Crowns, 82 Suffolk street, Jos Twist
    Three Tuns, 66 Pinfold street, William Butler
    Three Tuns, 36 Snowhill, William Jevon
    Three Tuns, 13 Smallbrook street, Dav Levi
    Three Tuns, 32 Digbeth, William Mountain
    Tiger, 47 church street, James Smith
    Town Hall Tavern, 41 Ann street, William Webster
    Trees, Prospect place, Hockley, Thomas Hill
    Turks Head, 35 Mount street, Ann Ashmall
    Turks Head, 19 Livery street, Richard Clarke
    Turks Head, 14 Carrs lane, Chas Harrold
    Turks Head, Duke street, Samuel Hemming
    Turks Head, 28 Lench street, Joseph Marsh
    Turks Head, Steelhouse lane, Edw Mincher
    Turks Head, Bell street, George Perrin
    Turks Head, 17 Lombard street, Henry Smith

    Unicorn, 46 Digbeth, John Bladon
    Unicorn, 103 Hill street, Mary Smith

    Vauxhall tavern, Vauxha,, road, Benj Steadman
    Vulcan, Fazely street, Thomas parkes

    Waggon & Horses, Livery street, Jas Edkins
    Waggon & Horses, Soho street, Handsworth, Alex Greaves
    Waggon & Horses, 15 Edgbaston street, Oliver Hancocks
    Waggon & Horses, 37 Summer row, Richard Heathcote
    Waggon & Horses, 23 Edmond street, Richard Richardson
    Warwick Arms, 58 Snowhill, Jos Dunn
    Warwick Arms, 276 Bradford street, Jas Gregg
    Waterloo Tavern, Lower Priory, Edwrd Booth
    Waterloo Tavern, Water street, Susannah Kirton
    Welch Harper, 32 Bath street, William Brazenor
    Wellington, Communication rowm Islington, Thomas Adams
    Wellington, 212 Bristol street, Timothy Wall
    Wheat Sheaf, 43 Suffolk street, James Clarke
    Wheat Sheaf, 1 Bow street, William Murcott
    White Hart, Paradise street, henry Evans
    White Hart, 18 Colmore street, John Webb
    White Horse, 17 Brick Kiln street, John Birch
    White Horse, 240 Livery street, Thomas Clarke
    White Horse, Steelhouse lane, William Doughty
    White Horse, 44 Moor street, Joseph Grundy
    White Horse, Constitution hill, Jos Marples
    White Lion, 98 Digbeth, George Ainge
    White Lion, 27 Thorp street, Thomas Brighton
    White Lion, Erdington, Charles Butler
    White Lion, Moor street, Thomas Cooper
    White Lion, High street, Mary Rogers
    White Lion, Navigation street, Jno Smallwood
    White Lion, 96 Bradford street, John Webb
    White Swan, 24 Weaman street, Rd Cutler
    White Swan, 13 Cross street, Michael Dennis
    White Swan, Legge street, Mary Ebrell
    White Swan, 10 Old Canal street, Jno Fulford
    White Swan, Smallbrook street, William lawley
    White Swan, Little Charles street, Robert Lloyd
    White Swan, 1 Summer street, Joseph Pitt
    White Swan, 1 Church street, Jas Spencer
    White Swan, 7 New John street, Isaac Ward
    White Swan, Islington row, Edw Watson
    White Tower, Lawley street, John Jenkins
    Whittington & cat, 9 Great Brook street, Thomas Showell
    Woodman, Easy row, Arnold shipman
    Woodman, 16 Little Ann street, Richard Spreadborough
    Woolpack, St Martins lane, Thomas Packwood

    **** Provided By Kevan

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