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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas of the UK

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas the UK

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Birmingham 1835 Pigots directory Inns, Hotels, and A - J

    Birmingham pub history index

    Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Birmingham, Warwickshire. The Birmingham, Warwickshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

    Inns and Hotels
    Albion Hotel (posting), High street, Ann Hicks
    Castle (commercial & posting), High street, William Chapman
    Castle & Falcon, 109 Digbeth, Thomas Greensill
    Clarendon Hotel, Upper Temple street, George Rathbone
    George (commercial), Digbeth, William Huntriss
    Hen and Chickens Hotel (family & posting), New street, William Waddell
    Nelson commercial & family hotel, (& general coach office), 1 & 2 Spiceal street, Rbert Gooden
    New Royal Hotel (family & posting), New street, Charles Radenhurst
    Royal Hotel (family & posting), Temple row, Frederick Dee
    Saracens Head (family & commercial), 25 Bull street, Sarah Croxall
    Stork Hotel (family & commercial), Square, Martha Bingham
    Swan (posting), High street & New street, Theodore Wakefield
    Union Hotel and Commercil Inn, 21 Union street, John Machin
    White Hart (commercial), Digbeth, Thomas Bull
    White Horse (commercial), Congreve street, John Wells Carter
    Woolpack (commercial), 8 Moor street, Elizabeth george

    Taverns & Public Houses.
    Acorn, 18 Lichfield street, Catherine Booth
    Acorn, 32 Upper Temple street, Thomas Chambers
    Acorn, 25 Oxford street, Henry Colleycutt
    Acorn, 1 Cross street, Hill street, John Dawson
    Acorn, New Inkleys, Mary Hitchen
    Acorn, 19 Summer street, Thomas Hitchens
    Adam & Eve, 176 Bradford street, Samuel Birch
    Adderley Arms, Saltley, Henry Brown
    Admiral Rodney, Edmund street, john Wilks
    Anchor, 43 Edmund street, Isaac Arculus
    Anchor, 13 Sheep street, Edward Greensill
    Anchor, 32 John street, Dale end, Henry Hunt
    Anchor, 262 Bradford street, Benjamin Jones
    Anchor, 23 Islington row, Oliver Shaw
    Anchor, 46 Park street, Robert Wheeldon
    Angel, 129 Hospital street, Samuel Grigg
    Angel, 63 Coleshill street, Thomas Wilkins
    Antelope, 56 Bread street, Theresa Clarke
    Army & Navy Arms, Great Brook street, Joseph Humpherson
    Ashted Tavern, Henry street, Richard Speer
    Aston Tavern, Aston, William Wilkinson
    Barley Mow, 1 Tanter street, John Jackson
    Barrel, 50 Snowhill, John Galey
    Barrel, 11 Inge street, Benjamin Kite
    Bell, 78 Steelhouse lane, Phoebe Adams
    Bell, 116 Dale end, Ann Crow
    Bell, Philip street, New market, John Fosbrooke
    Bell, Prospect row, Thomas Hands
    Bell, Bristol road, James Mushen
    Bell, Wood street, Ann Taft
    Bell & Candlestick, 38 Ann street, Benjamin Jones
    Birmingham Arms, 1 Moat row, Smithfield, Samuel Swinburn
    Black Boy, 32 Staniforth street, John Davis
    Black Horse, Camp hill, john Perry
    Black Horse, 51 Price street, Walter Phipps
    Black Horse, Prospect row, John Sutton
    Black Lion, 82 Coleshill street, Chas Hands
    Black Lion, 24 Smallbrook street, Thomas Joyner
    Black Swan, 8 Bromsgrove street, William Fulford
    Black Swan, 64 Smallbrook street, William Silvey
    Bloomsbury Tavern, Heneage street, Jn Edwards
    Blucher, 56 Pinfold street, Rachael Adams
    Blue Pig, 113 Moor street, Elizabeth Heely
    Boars Head, 183 Bradford street, Robert Potter
    Boat, 52 Suffolk street, Isaac Moore
    Boot & Bottle, 67 Moor street, John Smith
    Bowling Green, Summer hill, William Millington
    Bowling Green, Holloway head, Benjamin Roden
    Box Iron, 27 Foredrough street, William Shaw
    Brass Founders Arms, 73 Kenion street, Richard Power
    Brewers Arms, 27 Bordesley street, Joseph Greaves
    Bricklayers Arm, 94 Great Charles street, Joseph Johnson
    Britannia, 27 Legge street, Thomas Greensill
    Britannia, 14 Birchall street, George Hemming
    Britannia, 27 St Pauls square, William Huxley
    Brown Lion, 28 Horse fair, Samuel Swann
    Bulls Head, 61 Pinfold street, John Aspinall
    Bulls Head, 85 Moor street, John Cooper
    Bulls Head, 23 Hill street, John Cracknell
    Bulls Head, 17 Vale street, Thomas Curnin
    Bulls Head, Pope street, Thomas Field
    Bulls Head, Upper Priory, Thomas Foxall
    Bulls Head, 2 Old Inkleys, Samuel Harfield
    Bulls Head, 39 Whittal street, John Hickin
    Bulls Head, 77 Digbethm Charles Hieatt
    Bulls Head, Camp hill, John Hincks
    Bulls Head, Aston Villa, William Jones
    Bulls Head, Camp hill, John Oberton
    Bulls Head, 110 Moland street, Joseph Peate
    Bulls Head, 37 Wharf street, John Pimm
    Bulls Head, 52 Smallbrook street, Jno Prosser
    Bulls Head, 111 Pritchett street, James Sheath (executors of)
    Bulls Head, 1 Price street, Walter Showell
    Bulls Head, Prospect row, Chas Walker

    Calthorpe Arms, Bath row, William Wheeler
    Castle, 48 & 49 Aston street, Thomas Hodgkins
    Castle & Falcon, 43 Snow hill, Thomas Griffin
    Chapel, 123 Great Charles street, Juliet Cahuac
    Chapel, 7 Whittall street, Joseph Slade
    Chapel, 37 Fleet street, James Taylor
    Chequers, Bell Barn lane, Thomas Griffin
    Chequers, 84 Park street, Elizabeth Hancox
    Coach & Horses, 6 New Meeting street, Richard Bently
    Coach & Horses, Spring hill, William Bromage
    Coach & Horses, Market street, Sarah Chirm
    Coach & Horses, 8 High street, William Felton
    Coach & Horses, 30 Snow hill, Jas Horton
    Coach & Horses, Worcester street, Martin Rogers
    Commercial, Great Hampton street, Jos Patrick
    Compasses, 116 Alcester street, George smith
    Cossack, 2 Hicks square, Edw Hy Vincent
    Country Girl, Navigation street, William Abbott
    Cross, Harborne Mills, Benjamin Clarey
    Cross, 20 Smallbrook street, George Devis
    Cross Guns, 61 Lancaster street, Edward Bridgewater
    Cross Guns, 89 Dale end, Thomas Candlin
    Cross Keys, 9 Balsall street, Margaret Field
    Cross Keys, Erdington, Samuel Littlehales
    Cross Pistols, 86 Slaney street, Sarah Walker
    Crown, 77 & 78 Edmund street, Sarah Clarke
    Crown, 37 Moor street, Benjamin Cope
    Crown, 30 Cherry street, Frederick Cotton
    Crown, 6 Carrs lane, James Hughes
    Crown, 31 Lower Tower street, William Mister
    Crown, 26 Broad street, John Owen
    Crown, 20 Milk street, John Wagstaff
    Crown & Anchor, 21 new Thomas street, John Breakspear
    Crown & Cushion, Perry barr, Sarah Ryley
    Cup, 28 Upper Priory, John Hammon
    Cup, Livery street, Richard Jones

    Dartmouth Arms, Dartmouth street, Eli Wise Peters
    Dog, 75 Loveday street, Mary Adcock
    Dog, 1 Meriden street, Samuel Barns
    Dog, 34 Aston street, John Grundy
    Dog & Duck, Holloway head, Joseph Greaves
    Dog & Duck, 40 Sheep street, Thomas Jackson
    Dog & Duck, Edmund street, William Whitehouse
    Dog & Partridge, corner of Birchall street, Benjamin Bridgwater
    Dog & Partridge, Lea Bank, Thomas Lane
    Dog & Partridge, Windsor street, Chas Peters
    Dolphin, Coventry street, Joseph Smith
    Dolphin, Meriden street, Joseph Smith
    Dolphin, 88 Suffolk street, Joseph Smith
    Dolphin, 9 Monmouth street, John Walters
    Dolphin Inn, Bromsgrove street, Thomas Floyd
    Duke of Cumberland, 29 Park street, Sl Walker
    Duke of Marlborough, 29 Mount street, Ann Wood
    Duke of Wellington, Pritchett street, Edwin Lewis
    Duke of York, Aston road, Abraham Cox
    Duke of York, Harborne, Thomas Felton
    Duke of York, 13 Duke street, Jos Turner
    Duke of York, 18 Doe street, Samiel Wileman
    Dun Cow, 13 Horse fair, George Horton

    Eagle & Ball, 13 Colmore street, Jos Warden
    Eagle & Tun, Banbury street, Mary Hailstone
    Earl Grey, Pershore road, Thomas Henshall
    Edward VI, 17 Parade, Isaac mealing
    Engine, 49 Dale end, Allen Lines
    Erdington Tavern, Erdington, Jn Newberry

    Falsatff, 72 Hill street, Joshua Knight
    Farriers Arms, 100 lichfield street, george Jones
    Fighting Cocks, 182 High street, John Rice
    Five Ways Tavern, Broad street, Jn Pritchett
    Fountain, Lower Temple street, Samuel Clark
    Fountain, 93 Cheapside, George Smith
    Fountain, New street, William Wrighton
    Fox, 54 Inge street, William Brookes
    Fox, 15 Freeman street, John Burton
    Fox, Fox street, Samuel marson
    Fox & Dog, 46 Lionel street, john Bott
    Freemasons Tavern, 27 Upper Priory, Sophia Townsend
    French Horn, 6 Mary Ann street, Jas Edmunds
    Frighted Horse, Soho street, Chas Partridge

    Garricks Head, Lower Temple street, Cs Cheshire
    Gate, Saltley, Thomas Midlam
    General Elliott, 79 New Inkleys, Jas Dover
    General Wolfe, Aston road, Richard Greensall
    George, 3 Chapel street, Thomas Lees
    George & Crown, 26 John street, William Tyler
    George & Dragon, 9 Nova Scotia street, Sarah Baker
    George & Dragon, 54 Church street, Henry Chambers
    George & Dragon, 47 Wharf street, Richard Griffin
    George & Dragon, 113 Lancaster street, Adam hamlin
    George & Dragon, Steelhouse lane, Jas Tarte
    Glasscutters Arms, Henrietta street, Jos Gold
    Globe, 42 Great Hampton street, Martha Baron
    Globe, Vauxhall road, Ann Powell
    Golden Cross, 64 Snow hill, Joseph Bates
    Golden Cross, 81 Dale end, Wiliam Cheshire
    Golden Cross, Weaman street, William Haywood
    Golden Cross, ~Aston, Joseph Marsh
    Golden Cup, Little Charles street, George Munn
    Golden Cup, 23 Stafford street, Edward Sills
    Golden Cup, 98 Bradford street, John Spicer
    Golden Cup, Smallbrook street, Isaac White
    Golden Eagle, 49 Swallow street, Jos Wasdell
    Golden Elephant, 15 Castle street, William Lowe
    Golden Horse, Bartholomew rowm Ts Birch
    Golden Lion, 13 Hall street, Joseph Dukes
    Golden Lion, 8 Horse fair, Henry Harris
    Golden Lion, Great Charles street, My S Mayou
    Golden Lion, Lionel street, Edward Spencer
    Golden Lion, 9 Aston street, John Taylor
    Goodfellows Lodge, Old Meeting street, Martin Gateley
    Goughs Arms, Perry barr, Mary Cooper
    Grand Turk, 31 Worcester street, Jas Currier
    Grand Turk, 9 Ludgate hill, Joseph Stinton
    Grapes, 190 Livery street, Jesse Sims
    Grapes, 81 Aston street, John Vickers
    Green Dragon, 8 Sheepcote street, Jas Adkin
    Green Dragon, 42 Lichfield street, Job Reeves
    Green Man, 54 Moor street, Joseph Barlow
    Green Man, 25 Sand street, Sarah Edwrds
    Green Man, 41 High street, Thomas Hildick
    Green Man, 23 Fleet street, Mary Hill
    Green Man, 43 Edgbaston street, isaac Myers
    Green Man, 36 Coleshill street, William Reynolds
    Green Man, Harborne, Ann Westwood
    Greyhound, Navigation street, Edw Harcourt
    Greyhound, Upper Trinity street, Thomas Knowles

    Half Moon, 52 Duley street, John Pritchett
    Half Moon, 6 Little Hill street, William Smith
    Hand & Heart, Luchfield street, William reader
    Handels Head, Warwick street, Samuel mason
    Handsworth tavern, Handsworth, Robert Baron
    Hen & Chickens, Dartmouth street, Bordesley, William Fowler
    Hen & Chickens, 62 Bartholomes street, Charles Reeves
    Hen & Chickens, 17 Constitution hill, John Slater
    Holts Arms, Lister street, John Bishop
    Hope & Anchor, Holland stret, Jos Jerome
    Hope & Anchor, Caroline street, Thomas F Jones
    Hope & Anchor, Green street, Peter Pettifer
    Hope & Anchor, New Canal street, Ts Yarwood
    Horse & Groom, Livery street, William Goodwin
    Horse & Groom, Digbeth, Thomas Haywood
    Horse & Groom, Holt street, James Nevill
    Horse & Groom, John street, Henry Turner
    Horse & Groom, 18 Hill street, John Williams
    Horse & Jockey, Digbeth, John Chandeler
    Horse & Jockey, Little Charles street, David Stokes
    Horse Shoe, St Martins lane, George Bearsley
    Hors Shoe, Houseman, William Roden

    Jolly Bacchus, 35 Hill street, Jos Stainton
    Jolly Bacchus, Nineveh, William Yeomans
    Jolly Maltmill Maker, 36 Colemore street, John Kingham
    Jonsons Head, Congreve street, Charles Coorbett
    Justice, 70 Lombard street, Chas Woodward

    **** Provided By Kevan

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