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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas of the UK

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas the UK

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Birmingham, Warwickshire 1858 Dix Directory A - D

    Warwickshire pub history index

    There are around 650 Hotels, Inns, and Taverns listed in the 1858 W H Dix directory

    Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Birmingham, Warwickshire. The Birmingham, Warwickshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

    Acorn Family and Commercial Hotel, Thomas Prideaux, 81 Temple street
    Acorn Vaults, Thomas Prideaux, Needless Alley
    Acorn Inn, William Piper, 26 Friston street
    Acorn, M Newton, 15 Summer street, Navigation street
    Acorn (Old), Samuel Russon, 17 New Inkleys
    Acorn, Edward Corbett, 26 Lichfield street
    Acorn, Ann Dudley, 1 Cross street, Hill street
    Acorn Tavern, Mary Cooper, Wheeler street
    Acorn, Mary Blenk, 25 Oxford street
    Adam & Eve, William Snow, 201 Bradford street
    Adelaide Arms, Ann Tudge, 72 Vauxhall Road
    Adderley Arms, Thomas Minor, 83 Adderley street
    Adelphi Wine Vaults, G Field, 20 Livery street
    Albion, John Bamford, Heath street
    Albion inn, Henry Herridge, 14, Livery street
    Albion Tavern, S Walker, 44 Wheeler street
    Albion Tavern, Jas Green, 57 Digbeth
    American Inn, Joseph Jefferey, 71 New Canal street
    Anchor (Old), William Taylor, 32 John street, Dale end
    Anchor, Benjamin Palmer, 308 Bradford street & 24 Rea street
    Anchor, John Durden, 23 Islington row
    Anchor, B Parkes, 13 Sheep street
    Angel, Jas Tyler, 128 Hospital street
    Angel inn, Thomas Parker, Stratford road, Sparkbrook
    Angel, John Scrambler, 63 Coleshill street
    Antelopes Head, M. Radnor, 56 Bread street, Newhall street
    Army and Navy, John Williams, 129 Great Brook street
    Ashted Tavern, Clara Reynolds, 102 Henry street, Ashted
    Australian Vaults, Thomas Hicks, 48 Bromsgrove street
    Baltic Inn, John Nash, Sherlock street
    Bank Tavern, Ann Penny, 366 New John street west
    Barley Mow, Ann Greaves, 1 Tanter street
    Barrel, Mary Bridgwater, 50 Snow hill
    Barrel, Chas Hy Hobday, 321 Summer lane
    Barrel, Jas Smith, 11 Inge street
    Bath Tavern, John Holloway, 19 Gooch street
    Bee Hive, Charles Sheriden, Wilton street, Lozells
    Bee Hive, George Edwards, 31 Garbett street
    Bee Hive, William Wilkin, 47 Bath row
    Bell, John Watts, 178 King Edwards road
    Bell Inn, William Ellis, 6 and 7 Phillip street
    Bell, J Matthews, 116 Dale end
    Bell, Joseph Heath, 101 Livery Btreet
    Bell, David Clift, 79, Suffolk street
    Bell, Edward Reynolds, 20 Bristol street
    Bell, George Maund, 112 Steelhouse lane
    Bell, E Grimley, Albert street, Moor street
    Bell, Thomas Downes, 19 Prospect row
    Belle Vue Tavern, Joseph Jackson, Gerrard street, Lozells
    Bingley Hall Tavern, G P Morton, 15 King Alfreds place
    Bird-in-Hand, John Webb, 3 Great King street
    Birmingham Arms Inn, James Haynes, Spring hill
    Birmingham Arms Inn, Ann Corbett, 71 Hampton street
    Birmingham Arms Inn, John Palmer, 1 Moat row
    Birmingham and Oxford Railway Inn, William Pugh, 492 Coventry road
    Black Boy, Hy. Nicholls jun, 32 Staniforth street
    Black Horse, Hy. Parker, 39 Banbury street
    Black Horse, (Old) Thomas Creed, 222 Ashted row
    Black Horse, Ann Edkins, 216 Stratford road
    Black Horse, Thomas Richards, 51 Price street
    Black Lion, E. Joyner, 24 Smallbrook street
    Black Lion, William Hutchins, 82 Coleshill street
    Black Swan, J. Southall, 64 Smallbrook street
    Black Swan, R. B. Edmonds, 7 Bromsgrove street
    Bloomsbury Tavern, J. Hyde, 127 Heneage street
    Blue Pig, Alfred Parke, 112 Moor street
    Board, W. Barrows, 38 Aston street
    Board, A. Horton, 95 Dale End
    Boars Head, William Palmer, 209 Bradford street
    Boat, John Hadley, 52 Suffolk street
    Bordesley Park Tavern, M. Gardner, 1 Sandy lane
    Bowling Green Tavern, Thomas Fitter, 79 Holloway Head
    Box Iron, William Shaw, 27 Fordrough street
    Brewers Arms, Emma Andrews, 27 Bordesley street
    Bricklayers Arms, G. Haydon, 40 Cheapside
    Bricklayers Arms, (Old) Hy. K. Lawrence, 13 Ann street
    Brickmakers Arms, William Bennett, 41 Charles Henry street
    Bridge House Inn, My. Fosbrooke, 73 Icknield street westreet
    Britannia Inn, Geo. Penn, 286 Summer lane
    Britannia Inn, Hannah Welsh, 27 St. Pauls square
    Britannia, Edward Richards, 4 Birchall street
    Britannia, Jas. Weaver, 13 Pigott street
    Britannia, William Hawkesworth, 27 Legge street
    Brown Lion, Joseph Dukes, 18 Hall street
    Brown Lion, Jno. Hanson, 28 Horse Fair
    Bulls Head, Jas. Miller, 8 Pope street
    Bulls Head, Jno. Aspinall, Great Queen street
    Bulls Head, (New) E. A. Banks, 7 Digbeth
    Bulls Head, (Old) William Veale, 81 Digbeth
    Bulls Head, Fdk. Pimm, 37 Wharf st, Suffolk street
    Bulls Head, (Old) Mary Cheshire, 17 Vale street
    Bulls Head, William Stokes, 111 Pritchet street
    Bulls Head, Hy. Catley, 85 Moor street
    Bulls Head, Rbt. Baxter, 14 Upper Priory
    Bulls Head, Jno. Fulford, 1 Price street
    Bulls Head, William Cox, 52 Smallbrook street
    Bulls Head, Martha Parrock, 110 Moland street
    Bulls Head, Jno. Denham, 23 Prospect row
    Burbury Arms, Joseph Cartwright, Burbury street
    Calthorpe Arms, Edward P. Mytton, 77 Bath row
    Carpenters Arms, Geo. Hy. Smith, 63 St. Georges street
    Castle Inn, William Watson, 381 Farm street
    Castle, R. Hodges, 48 Aston street
    Castle and Falcon, (Commercial) J. Ashmole, 42 Snowhill
    Castle Vaults, J. Barrows, 41 High street
    Cemetery Tavern, William Tonks, 54 Key hill
    Chapel Tavern, T. Medlicott, 123 Great Charles street
    Chapel Tavern, Thomas Palmer, 17 Whittall street
    Chapel Tavern, L. Bush, 37, Fleet street
    Chequers, E. Jackson, 43 Bellbarn road
    Chequers, Thomas Hands, 84 Park street
    Church Inn, Jno. Gibson, 22, Great Hampton street
    Clarendon Hotel, Geo. Harrison, 1 Upper Temple street
    Coach and Horses, (commercial) Benjm. Haywood, 35 Bell street
    Coach and Horses, Thomas B. Bowdidge, 101 Irving street
    Coach and Horses, Hy. N. Stagg, 16 New Meeting street
    Coach and Horses, Thomas Hanson, 30 Snowhill
    Coach and Horses, William Whitehouse, 45 Spring hill
    Coach and Horses, C. Clayton, 129 Steelhouse lane
    Coach and Horses, Elias Foster, 40 Upper Dean street
    Coach and Horses, Edn. Wilkes, 124, High street, Bordesley
    Coal Hole, Chas. Godfrey, 38 Ann street
    Colemore Arms, J. Heath, Longmore street
    Colemore Arms, Hy. Harrison, 85 Latimer street south
    Colemore Arms, Alfred Minshsull, 23 Mill street
    Commercial Inn, Jas. Varie, Hampton street
    Compass, Jas. Reading, 155 Brearley street w
    Compass, Dvd. Richards, 142 Alcester street
    Corn Exchange Vaults, J. W. Brewster, 46 High street
    Cossack Tavern, Thomas Marsh, 2 Hicks square
    Cottage of Content, Jno. Pyefinch, 1 St. Vincent street
    Country Girl, Jno. Butt, 72 Navigation street
    Cross, Fras. Pheysey, 20 Smallbrook street
    Cross Guns, Thomas Jas., 61 Lancaster street
    Cross Keys, Jno. Harford 9 Balsall street
    Cross Keys, Ann Winchurch, 45 Upper Windsor street
    Cross Pistols, William Hy. Amos, 86 Slaney street
    Crown, Hy. Parkes, 77 & 78 Edmund street
    Crown, Hy. Brown, 15 Edgbaston street
    Crown, Thomas Poyner, 29 Trent street
    Crown Inn, Jno. Owen, 26 Broad street
    Crown and Anchor, E. Thornton, 210 Watery lane
    Crown and Anchor, C. Bush, 119 Livery street
    Crown and Anchor, J. Bird, 21 New Thomas street
    Crown and Anchor, Jno, Thompson, 62 Sherlock street
    Crystal Palace, Jas. Day, 76 Smallbrook street, and 1 Hurst street
    Cup, Joseph Hughes, 70 Livery street
    Cup, Elizbth. Davies, 115 Bradford street
    Dartmouth Arms, W. Mills, 15 Dartmouth street
    Darwin Tavern, B. Grove, 46 Darwin street
    Dingleys Hotel, (commercial) Jas. Spanton, 124 Moor street
    Dog, J. Hadden, 75 Loveday street
    Dog and Duck, Hy. Lloyd, 68 Edmund street
    Dog and Duck, Ann White, 89 Holloway Head
    Dog and Duck, Jno. Raybold, 40 Sheep street
    Dog and Partridge, M. Bill, 209 Moseley street
    Dog and Partridge, Jno. Hill, 17 Alcester street
    Dog and Partridge, Jno. Harfield, 47 Ellis street
    Dog & Partridge Mtlda. Bill, 42 Birchall street
    Dog and Partridge, Benjm. Kelsy, 186 Upper Windsor street
    Dog and Partridge, William Robinson, 165 Lee Bank rolad
    Dolphin, William Harrison, 131 Unett street
    Dolphin, Jno. Bond, 86 New Bond street
    Dolphin, My. Matilda Smith, 88 Suffolk street
    Dolphin, S. Smith, 99 Coventry street
    Dolphin, My. Hill, 161 Irving street
    Drovers Arms, Sophia Upton, 9 Moat lane
    Duke of Cambridge, Jno. Walker, Great King street, near Wheeler street
    Duke of Cumberland, Ann Watts, 29 Park street
    Duke of Malborough, J. L. Hinton, 29 & 30 Mount street, Newhall street
    Duke of York, William Payne, 8, Horse Fair
    Duke of York, S. Bradbury, 18 Doe street
    Duke of York, S. Deeley, 11 Duke street
    Duke of York, Jno. Crisp, 213 Aston road
    Dun Cow, Jno. King, 13 Horse Fair

    **** Provided By Kevan

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