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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas of the UK

    UK Pub History in progress - Northern areas the UK

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Birmingham 1818 - 1820 Pigots directory

    Birmingham pub history index

    Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Birmingham, Warwickshire. The Birmingham, Warwickshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

    Castle, William Chapman, High street
    George, Thomas Packwood, Digbeth
    Hen and Chickens Hotel, William Waddell, New street
    Lamp Tavern, John T. Stokes, Bull street
    Nelson Hotel, Sempronius Wyer, Spiceal street
    Red Lion, Edward Williams, Digbeth
    Royal Hotel, Wildays, Temple row
    Saracens Head, Joseph Spurdle, Bull street
    Stork Hotel, John Bingham, Square
    St. George Tavern, G. G. Wood, High street
    Swan Hotel, Charles Powell, High street
    Union, Robert Bark, Union street
    White Hart, Elizabeth Marston, Digbeth
    Woolpack Inn, Mary Budd, Moor street

    Taverns and Public Houses.
    Acorn, Benjamin, Griffiths, Litchfield street
    Acorn, William Blundell, Oxford street
    Acorn, William Toney, Upper Temple street
    Anchor, Rich. Fulford, London Prentice street
    Anchor, Mary Sheldon, Sheep street
    Anchor, Oliver Shaw, Islington row
    Angel, John Veisey, Hospital street
    Angel, Thomas Wilkins, Coleshill street
    Artillery Man, James Martin, Hill street
    Bacchus Tavern, James Doughty, Hill street
    Barley Mow, Joseph Greaves, Tanter street
    Barley Mow, John Thompson, Northwood street
    Barrell, George Perrin, Snowhill
    Bell, John Wiseman, Phillip street
    Bell and Candlesticks, William Westwood, Ann street
    Bell Inn, Edward Bolton, Bristol street
    Black Boy, Thomas Brooks, St. Martins lane
    Black Horse, John Green, Prospect row
    Black Horse, William Mole, Price street
    Black Lion, John Carson, Coleshill street
    Black Swan, Aaron Jones, Bromsgrove street
    Blue Bell, Ann Bott, Dale end
    Blue Bell, Richard Palmer, Livery street
    Blue Boar, Henry Griffiths, Thomas street
    Blue Pig, William Heely, Moor street
    Board, Walter Noakes, Bread street
    Boat, Michael Brookes, Suffolk street
    Boot and Bottle, William Jones, Moor street
    Britannia, John Deakin, Cock street
    Britannia, Edmund Yeadon, Legge street
    Brown Lion, Joseph Brunner, Snowhill
    Brown Lion, Joseph Smith, Essex street
    Bulls Head, Thomas Capner, Pritchett street
    Bulls Head, John Hickin, Whittall strect
    Bulls Head, Joseph Peate, Moland street
    Bulls Head, Joseph Jenkins, Prospect row
    Bulls Head, Thomas Perks, Old Inkleys
    Bulls Head, Joseph Showell, Price street
    Bulls Head William Watkins, Dale end
    Bulls Head, Timothy Wall, Digbeth
    Bulls Head Tavern, Thomas Foxall, Upper Priory
    Batchers Arms, Charles Allcock, Bell street
    Castle, George Earp, Aston street
    Castle and Ball, William Felton, High street, Bordesley
    Castle & Falcon, Hannah Denston, Digbeth
    Castle & Falcon, Thomas Griffin, Snowhill
    Chapel, Matthew Smith, Whittall street
    Chequers, Charles Hancox, Park street
    Church, John Midlam, Church street
    Coach and Horses, Sarah Griffin, Water street
    Coach & Horses, Ben. Unitt. Great Hampton street
    Coach and Horses, Fred. Sibley, Dale end
    Coach & Horses, Jas. Davies, Worcester street
    Coach and Horses, Samuel Tolley, Siiowhill
    Coach & Horses, William Siddons, Whittall street
    Coach & Horses, William Wheeler, Lichfield street
    Coach and Rainbow, Elizabeth Somerton, High street, Bordesley
    Coffee House, John Freeth, Bell street
    Cossac, William Brain, Novascotia street
    Conntry Girl, Ann Dale, Navigation street
    Cross Guns, Samuel Smith, Dale end
    Cross Pistols, John Walker, Slaney street
    Crown, Joseph Pimley, Edgbaston street
    Crown, John Rock, Great Charles street
    Crown, William Ward, Edmund street
    Crown, Robert Coleman, John street
    Crown, William Waterhouse, New street
    Crown and Anchor, Elizabeth Hawkes, Livery street
    Crown and Anchor, John Overton, New John street
    Dog, Samuel Barnes, Meriden street
    Dolphin Inn, Mary Brattan, Bromsgrove street
    Dublin Tavern, Jas. Curnin, Little Charles street
    Duke of Marlborough, George Wood, Mount street
    Duke of York, John Powis, Horse fair
    Duke of York, Joseph Taylor, Duke street
    Duke of York, John Partridge, Doe street
    Duke of York, Digby Crisp, Aston road
    Dun Cow, Elizabeth Allsop, Pinfold street
    Eagle & Ball, Jos. Warden, Colmore row
    Eagle and Child, Stephen Hill, Whittall street
    Eagle and Child, Samuel Hodgkinson, Smallbrook street
    Engine, Sarah Shaw, Dale end
    Falstaff, Henry Taylor, Hill street
    Fountain Inn, Sarah Ward, New street
    Fountain Inn, Joseph Davies, Cheapside
    Fox, Samuel Bamford, Fox street
    Fox and Dogs, Joseph Aston. Lionel street
    Free Church Tavern, Jas. Gutteridgc Ann street
    Free Masons Arms, Richard Bampton, Upper Priory
    Free Masons Tavern, Charles Machin, Steelhouse lane
    French Horn, Sarah Brittle, Mary Ann street
    Friday Bridge Inn, Zachariah Slaney, Summer row
    Garricks Head, Thomas Bott, Lower Temple street
    George, Charles Turner, Bull street
    George, George Mobbs, Chapel street
    General Wolfe, Charles Ward, Aston road
    George and Dragon, Samuel Freeman, Livery street
    George & Dragon, Jos. Such, Weaman street
    George and Dragon, Henry Chambers, Chnrch street
    George aud Dragon, John Swinbourne, Novascotia street
    Globe, John Baron, Great Hampton street
    Golden Cross, William Young, Weaman street
    Golden Cross, Joseph Bates, Snowhill
    Golden Cross, George Stephens, Dale end
    Golden Cup, Jesse Weale, Livery street
    Golden Cup, William Harris, Little Charles street
    Golden Cup, James Smith, Upper Priory
    Golden Fleece, Oliver Haniocks, Edgbaston street
    Golden Horse, Richard Rayner, Bartholomew row
    Golden Lion, Isaac Sargant, High street, Deritend
    Golden Lion, Margaret Dnke, Hall street
    Golden Lion, Charles Foster, Lionel street
    Golden Lion, William Hanson, Great Charles street
    Golden Lion, William Lamb, Aston street
    Grapes Inn, Thomas Tabernor, Aston street
    Green Dragon, Ed. Millward, Lichfield street
    Green Man, William Waitings, High street, Deritend
    Green Man, John Barton, Moor street
    Green Man, William Carter, Edgbaston street
    Green Man, William Davies, Aston road
    Green Man, William Reynolds, Coleshill| street
    Half Moon, Thomas Adams, Dudley street
    Handels Head, Thomas Orme, Warwlck street
    Hare and Hounds, Thomas Hawkesford, Woodcock street
    Hen & Chickens, Jas. Moor, Constitution hill
    Hen and Chickens, Henry Barns, Bartholomew street
    Hope and Anchor, Edward Marklew, Caroline street
    Hope & Anchor, Joseph Jerome, Charlotte street
    Hope & Anchor, Benjamin Wright, Coleshill street
    Horse & Groom, Thomas Holdback, Livery street
    Horse and Groom, Lewis .lesson, Holt street
    Horse & Groom, Edward Edwards, Digbeth
    Horse and Jockey, William Tranter, Digbeth
    Horse Shoe, William Jordan, St. Martins lane
    Islington Tea Gardens, Thomas Henshall, Islington road
    Jolly Spade Maker, George Bradshaw, Summer row
    Kings Head, Thomas Joice, Worcester street
    Kings Head, Joseph Litchfield, Bordesley
    King of Prussia Samuel Morton, Newton street
    Lamb and Flag, Joseph Clarke, Old John street
    Lamp, Hannah Dutton, Weaman street
    Lamp, Charles Griffiths, Edmund street
    Lamp Tavern, James Jones, Cannon street
    Leopard, Joseph Ashford, Weaman street
    Leopard, John Fulford, Dale end
    Lord Wellington, William Lea, Snowhill
    Malt Shovel. George Walton. High street
    Malt Shovel Inn, Timothy Kaincs, Small, brook street
    Marquis Cornwallis, William Jones, Weaman street
    Mermaid, Joseph Beechgood, Colmore street
    Minerva Tavern, Joseph Lyndon, Peck lane
    Mitre, John Coleman, Newhall street
    Mitre, Ann Sheldon, Moor street
    Nags Head, Thos. Westwood, Lilchfield street
    Navigation Inn, Richard Kirton, Parade
    Nelsons Tavern, John Ash ford, Weaman street
    New Peacock, Luke Mollis, Aston street
    Old Admiral Rodney, John Crockitt, Coleshill street
    Old Bricklayers Arms, John Luue, Suffolk street
    Old Cross, Thomas Taylor, Philip street
    Old Crown, John Carr, High street, Deritend
    Old Dun Cow, Ed. Shrowsbery, Horse fair
    Old Fox, John Weale, Inge street
    Old Hare and Hounds, Thomas Food, Woodcock street
    Old Jolly Sailor, Isaac Bradnack, Henrietta street
    Old Kings Arms, William Taylor, Loudon prentice street
    Old Leather Bottle, James Aston, Digbeth
    Old Peacock, John Aston, Aston street
    Old Red Cow, Sarah Dufty, Horse fair
    Old Wharf, Thomas Marsh, Oxford street
    Old Wheat Sheaf, Paul Gardner, Suffolk street
    Plough & Harrow, John Payton, Lionel street
    Pump Tavern, Thomas Lloyd, Bell street
    Punch Bowl, John Gold, Steelhouse lane
    Red Cow, George Jackson, Dale end
    Red Lion, Joseph Marsh, Bond street
    Red Lion, John Barlow, Bread street, Church street
    Red Lion, Mary Upfill, New Meeting street
    Red Lion, Thomas Wright, High street, Deritend
    Red Lion, John Standley, Lancaster street
    Rein Deer, Thomas Dale, Edgbaston street
    Rising Sun, Joseph Roulston, Cross street
    Rising Sun, John Eustace, Suffolk street
    Roe Buck, Thomas Hale, Cock street
    Roe Buck, John Laithwait, Church street
    Roe Buck, Alice Vaughan, Moor street
    Roe Buck, William Garnett, St. Lukes strcet
    Rose & Crown, Elizabeth Buffery, Moor street
    Rose and Crown, John Shenton, Essex street
    Rose and Crown, William Aston, Whittall street
    Rose and Crown, Eliz. James, Great Brook street
    Rose Inn, M. Gibson, Edgbaston street
    Rose and Punch Bowl, John Jones, Bull street
    Royal Hussar, William Styles, Steelhouse lane
    Royal Oak, Abraham Knowles, Little Charles street
    Royal Oak, Joseph Dakin, Thomas street
    Salutation, James Cartwright, Snowhill
    Sampson and Lion, William Parker, Great Charles street
    Sampson and Lion, John Atkins, Hill street
    Saracens Head, James Sutton, Hill street
    Saracens Head, John Tayton, Snowhill
    Sea Horse, Francis Marrian, Buck street
    Shakespeares Head, William Fisher, Kenion street
    Shakespeares Tavern, William Smith, New street
    Ship, George Barnes, Fox street
    Ship and Rainbow, J. Hewlett, Bull street
    Spread Eagle, James Gray, Spiceal street
    St Pauls, William Page, Fleet street
    St. Philips Tavern, Joseph Bower, Colmore row
    Stags Head, John Procter, Navigation street
    Star, John Burton, Lichfield street
    Star, Thomas Ward, Dale end
    Stone Cross, Charles Edge, Dale end
    Summer Hill Tavern, William. Millington, Summer hill
    Swan, Edward Venables, Church street
    Swan, John Johnson, Little Charles street
    Swan, Thomas Jones, Temple row
    Swan, Thomas Southam, Lichfield street
    Swan, Edward Dyer, Hospital street
    Swan, Thomas Tilsley, Summer row
    Swan, Thomas Weston, Canal street
    Swan with two Necks, Benjamin Hubbard, Aston street
    Talbot, William Swinburn, Digbeth street
    The Grand Turk, John James, Church street
    Three Crowns, Brid. Parker, Worcester street
    Three Crowns, Joseph Twist, Suffolk street
    Three Tuns, William Thomas, Digbeth
    Three Tuns, Abraham Hart, Snowhill
    Three Tuns, Josiah Longman, Livery street
    Three Tuns, Stephen Salt, Thomas street
    Tiger, James Oakes, Great Hampton street
    Tiger, James Smith, Church street
    Trees, Richard Tookey, Hockley
    Trees, Thomas Hill, Hockley
    Turks Head, Thomas Tuft, Bell street
    Turks Head, John Yates, Duke street
    Turks Head, William. Thompson, Bartholomew street
    Turks Head, Jane Berrisford, Worcester street
    Turks Head, Richard Clark, Livery street
    Turks Head, William Ashmall, Mount street
    Turks Head, William Newey, Bath street
    Turks Head, Samuel Jerome, Lancaster street
    Two Brewers, William Podmore, Bordesley street
    Unicorn, William Jones, Digbeth
    Union Mill Inn, John Leather, Holt street
    Vauxhall Tavern, George Steedman, Vauxhall road
    Waggon and Horses, Ann Bacon, Livery street
    Waggon and Horses, Richard Warwick, Coleshill street
    Waggon and Horses, Thomas Freeman, Edmund street
    Warwick Arms, John Slater, Snowhill
    Waterloo Tavern, Ambrose Dee, Lower Priory
    Wellington Tavern, Richard Parsons, Bromsgrove street
    Wheat Sheaf, Joseph Hoe, Bull ring
    Wheel, John Booth, Kenion street
    White Hart, Samuel Twist, Paradise street
    White Hart, George Webb, Colmore row
    White Horse, William Halloway, Friday street
    White House, William Bradbury, Brickiln street
    White Lion, Mary Adams, Litchfield street
    White Lion, Thomas Jones, Bradford street
    White Lion, Thomas Rogers, High street, Bordesley
    White Lion, Thomas Blakemore, Lancaster street
    White Lion, Thomas Newmau, Moor street
    White Swan, Edward Eberall, Legge street
    White Swan, George Hemming, Great Brook street
    White Swan, John Smith, Islington row
    White Swan, James Bloore, Navigation street
    White Swan, Mary Robinson, Weaman street
    White Swan, John Turner, Thomas street

    **** Provided By Kevan

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