pub history in the uk

Considering I have only written a title for pub history in the UK,this blog is managing vey well to be in the top ten for pub history in google. I think the google search engine has just made a major mistake as being outdated and in need of attention.

It is 24th January 2021, the world has gone mad, and most pubs are closed. I keep myself sane by writing blogs and web sites about pub history. I have a considerable knowledge of how to research pub history in old buildings. I have little interest in the alcohol, as I am almost tee-total. (When I say I am teetotal, this only refers to beer, as I do enjoy a bottle of wine most evenings. This is purely for medicinal purposes, as I am now allergic to beer.)

Anyway, my research in pub history is largely in reference to when a pub may have existed at an address, at some stage, in the past two hundred years. This research also includes those licensed premises which closed long ago, maybe even as long ago as one hundred and fifty years ago, it’s what I do.

In the top ten responses for ‘pub history’ in google search lists three of my sites. The best responses is my pubwiki site, an old style site of fifty thousand pages or so, it is a huge monolith.

Next is the site which was recently rebuilt as a simple blog, and with just a few pages.

And then this site.

It ignores all my other wonderful sites on pub history which are far better, e.g. the,uk ; ; ; ; and many more.

I know I am quite biased, and happy to speak out about abuse on the internet. I am not referring to twitter or facebook, although these both have a part to play in copyright issues, and the millions of people who think it is OK to pass images off as their own when they find them on the internet. It is really interesting as to the mindset of a person who thinks that research is copying and pasting other peoples pictures

Whilst chatting generally. in the midst of a covid crises, my thought go out to those in the NHS. Each and everyone of you,

And the bus drivers, the police, those who work in supermarkets, and anyone in the firing line of a covid incursion.

And for those who fancy having a party, like the 100-400 people at a Jewish wedding in North London the other day, you are all well out of order. I am sure the Tory government will come up with an excuse for this sort of behaviour – another bunch of twats.

I think you should all be fined the maximum fine available, just my thoughts. It is not acceptable human behaviour.

And apparently, here is the latest Tory video on recruitment

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