Enfield pub history in 2018

I have thousands of pages of pub history on my pubwiki, but many places are only updated to about 1937, when the address may have been different from today, or the pub may no longer exist, or it may now be a London postcode, or not a London postcode but in a London borough, or many other reasons.

Some early pubs even change counties at times, and in about 1965 many former couunties near to London did become part of London, as specifically mentioned, now being in a London borough.

I have pages of these pubs in 2018/19, about 51,000 of them in total; and many are now part of London. Others around the country, in the southern end of the country are also listed, some are not. The entire listing is here.

And here is Enfield, well some of it, as I will delete the lines which are less relevant to my sites :

The Enfield page has now been moved to the pubshistory.com blog

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